The result of the “Working in Fashion 2018” study by the textile industry found that adidas is the most popular employer in the fashion industry in Germany. More than 3,600 employees and junior staff in the fashion industry took part. They evaluated a pre-selection of 40 companies from Adler to Zalando in ten different categories, including salary levels, promotion opportunities and attractive products. Next in the image ranking are the PVH Group (including Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein) and the trousers specialist Brax.

With 56.7 %, adidas is at the top of the overall ranking and scored particularly well in the categories of salary level, promotion opportunities, training and international work. The PVH Group achieves 54% and has come out on top in the categories of attractive products and future potential. Brax (51.5%) is number one in social responsibility, working atmosphere and work-life balance. The discounter primark is the least attractive job in the fashion industry with 13.6%, especially in the categories of working atmosphere and social responsibility. Karstadt (13.7%) and the clothing retailer Adler (16.8%) are just ahead of primark.

A good working atmosphere and a safe workplace

Overall, the image of a company is very important to its employees. 83% agreed with the following statement: “I attach great importance to the company in which I work having a good image”. With 94 %, social responsibility and sustainable management are now also among the criteria that an employer considers important. However, at 100%, a good working atmosphere and a secure workplace are still at the forefront.

The majority of those surveyed were satisfied with the holiday regulations. 61% have 30 vacation days a year and more than three quarters find this number sufficient. One in two people is banned on taking time off at certain times and these times are unfavorable for one in four. However, the coordination processes with colleagues are difficult for only one third of those surveyed. However, only one in two companies offers holiday allowance and only 39% of those surveyed have the option to take unpaid free time.

“The work should be fun”

According to the survey, the annual average salary for permanent employees in the industry is 50,700 euros gross. The majority of those surveyed are dissatisfied with this. Only 44% of the study participants are of the following opinion: “I think the salary paid by my employer is appropriate for my job”. Thus, the most common reason for the change of an employer was payment. Yet 76% of employees also said: “Earning well is not the most important thing. The work must be fun first and foremost”.

Digital changes in companies

For the first time, the annual study surveyed the experience of the employees with the current upheavals due to digitalization. Only 62% of all respondents to date have felt any change at all as a result of digital change. Employees in large companies are more affected, almost three-quarters agreed with the statement, while only one in two employees from smaller companies agreed with it. It is alarming that only one in two considers the company to be well positioned in order to meet the current challenges. 73% of those surveyed feel well qualified for digital change.

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