Rumours about the takeover of Zalando by the Chinese trading group Alibaba promote the growth of the Zalando share. Alibaba plans to expand its operations in Europe.

According to rumours, the Chinese B2B giant Alibaba is to take over the German online mail order company Zalando.

Marcel Münch, founder of the Berlin-based start-up DONGXii, is convinced that Alibaba will penetrate Europe. In an interview with Handelsblatt he comments: “I assume that Alibaba will soon invest in companies in Europe. Zalando is a takeover candidate. The company is interesting not only because of its access to 25 million end customers. Currently, Zalando is also relatively cheaply valued on the stock markets. Zalando has unsuccessfully tried to operate its own flagship stores with its own brand zLabels on TMall Global, and recently closed this shop again. There is currently no strategy to make the platform also relevant for China.”

DONGXii specializes in developing strategies for companies to prepare them for entering the Chinese market.

Zalando share rises according to takeover rumours

The rumours have led to the Zalando share rising again by 19 percent in the last five days. Most recently, the share collapsed as a result of the profit warning issued by British competitor Asos at the end of last year.  If the upward trend continues, the Zalando share will soon be able to make significant gains again.

Alibaba pushes expansion into Europe

Alibaba is already represented in Germany with a small team and advertises for German companies. The group plans to set up a global trading platform that is free of charge for users. A logistics centre has already been set up in Liège, Belgium, from where goods can be delivered to China and imported from China to Europe. This has created a logistics hub which is to become the basis for expanding the trading platform to whole Europe.

Alibaba takes over German Big Data Start-up

With the acquisition of the German Big Data start-up Data Artisans, which was announced yesterday, Alibaba is acquiring a Berlin-based IT company and expanding its presence in Germany. The company offers software solutions to deploy and manage live data applications. Data Artisans are the creators of the open source project Apache Flink. This enables them to work with large amounts of data before it is stored and analyze it in real time.

According to various reports, the start-up was taken over for 90 million euros. Officially, however, this sum is not confirmed. The founders Kostas Tzoumas (CEO) and Stephan Ewen (CTO) make an official statement: “We are pleased that Data Artisans is joining forces with Alibaba to build a new initiative around Big Data Open Source technologies after completing a Series B financing round early last year”.

Investing in Open Source Technologies for Technological Progress

Data Artisans goes on: “At a time when many open source technologies and companies are adopting a less collaborative and “closed” approach, it is a great pleasure to see Alibaba taking Open Source and our mission and taking Flink’s technological progress to the next level. Alibaba, as one of the largest production users and contributors to Apache Flink, in close collaboration with the open source community and the Data Artisans team, has made numerous contributions to Flink’s codebase over the past two years.”

“Together, Data Artisans and Alibaba will not only continue but accelerate the contributions to Apache Flink and Open Source Big Data. As a first step, Alibaba announced its commitment to bring its proprietary developments around Flink to the open source community.”

“Together with Alibaba, we can expand our efforts and technologies into new horizons by investing even more in open source. We can expand into new areas we haven’t explored in the past and ensure that Flink becomes a more valuable computing framework for the modern real-time data-driven enterprise.”

Alibaba to strengthen Flink community growth

“By leveraging the technological expertise of both teams and their shared passion for developing the open source community, we are confident that this strategic alliance will further strengthen the growth of the Flink community, accelerate data processing technologies and help create an open, collaborative and constructive environment for global developers who are passionate about stream processing and real-time applications for today’s enterprises,” said Jingren Zhou, vice president of Alibaba Group.


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