Hatch Baby is a start-up company that offers a smartphone controllable baby monitor and a smart baby scale. With the participation of Amazon, control via Alexa will also be possible in the future.

Hatch Baby was founded in 2014 by Ann Crady Weiss (CEO) and David Weiss (CTO). The company became known through an appearance at Shark Tank, the American equivalent of “The Lion’s Cave”. To date, 200,000 products have been sold. The Amazon Alexa Fund has invested an undisclosed amount of money in the start-up. The fund provides up to $200 million in venture capital to drive innovation in language technology.

Amazon’s Alexa to support easy handling of Hatch Baby products

Hatch Baby now wants to extend its integration of Alexa and other Amazon services to include voice technology. Paul Bernard, Director of the Alexa Fund explains: “We see education and health and wellness as two areas where the voice can make customers’ lives easier. Hatch Baby has a clear vision of how Alexa and other Amazon services can help them better support parents”, he says.

The Hach Baby baby monitor, for example, is multifunctional. You can use the app to control the night light, sound machine and alarm from your smartphone. This way you don’t even have to enter the baby’s bedroom anymore.

The Hatch Baby Grow Smart changing mat with integrated scales can connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The app allows you to track your baby’s weight, size and sleeping habits. These are then displayed as diagrams on the mobile phone. The amount of food consumed can also be monitored.

Hatch Baby sees Alexa as an important help for parents

“Hatch Baby already helped more than 200,000 families sleep better, and this investment will enable us to help more families thrive and provide even better sleep support to an even larger group of customers,” said Hatch Baby CEO and co-founder Ann Crady Weiss in a recent press release. “We are delighted that the Alexa Fund has identified Hatch Baby’s product range as transformative in the way new parents need the support they need. Both of us know how hard it is to be a parent. This investment will allow us to double our commitment to smart ways to give parents the support they need.”

Baby Activity Skills API Already Available in the USA

Since yesterday, Hatch Baby has been advertising on its Instagram page that you can ask Alexa how many hours the baby has slept by activating Alexa’s Baby Activity Skill API beforehand. This is currently available in the US and allows you to keep track of activities such as the time of last diaper change, weight, sleep and food intake. The tool is said to help you do all this while keeping your hands free.

“The implementation of the Baby Activity Skills API has been simple and offers customers a high added value by making it easier for them to interact with our features. The API does the hard work of handling the user interaction model, so our code was very easy to implement”, said Ken DeLong, VP of Software Engineering at Hatch Baby.

According to Amazon, the data remains protected, but allows the online giant to take a close look at its customers from the very first moment.


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Link: Amazon invests in start-up Hatch Baby

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