With the new Baby bouncer Bliss, the Swedish manufacturer Babybjörn gives its design classic from 1961 a new look. In collaboration with the founder and creative director Lillemor Jakobson, future trends and wishes of parents were determined for the development of the product.

The bouncer functions without electronic motor activity but reacts exclusively to the natural movements of the baby in order to create a soft rocking. The baby, therefore, does not develop any dependence on external movements. Bliss allows the baby, while it rests, to observe its parents at the same time. The bouncer also contributes to the development of balance and motor skills.

“Many families view the baby bouncer as a life guard,” says Björn Engström, Vice President of BabyBjörn. “In my family, we take it with us everywhere when we travel, visit friends or move around the house.”
Two completely new styles emerged: the baby bouncer in cozy quilted cotton will be available in four different colors which are made of soft and smooth mesh in three modern tones.

“We wanted to create a new design as a tribute to our 1961 classic,” says Lillemor Jakobson. “We are so delighted that so many parents love our baby bouncer. We wanted a soft, up-to-date look that fits the style and personality of our customers and all of it in colors that work in many furnishings.

“The color palette consists of the tones: Cotton Sandy Gray, Cotton Old Pink, Cotton Midnight Blue, Cotton Anthracite Gray, Mesh Powder Pink, Mesh Chocolate Brown, Mesh Anthracite Gray

All images: Babybjörn