The expansion plans of the large online shop are successful. Due to the increasing growth and the flourishing number of employees, exchanges its headquarters in Dortmund-Oespel for the listed O-Werk in Bochum-Laer.

In the middle of 2020, the employees of the headquarters will move to the former Opel administrative offices. On behalf of O-Werk Bochum Verwaltung GmbH und Co. KG, Landmarken AG is developing an “Innovative Campus” in these premises. In addition to the Ruhr University Bochum, is the second large company to rent space in the listed building. On altogether 7000 square meters – nearly half of the entire O-Werk – now further at the success of the on-line dealer is to be worked.

Innovative environment links research and practice

“We are a modern and digital company with flat hierarchies, short decision-making paths and agile methods,” says Bastian Salewsky, Managing Director of GmbH. “Direct communication, lived project ownership and a unique togetherness lead to an extremely positive corporate culture. Since our future headquarters should also embody these characteristics, it was not easy to find a suitable building in the Ruhr area. We are all the more pleased to be able to unite all our employees with the O-Werk in one place, which promotes our idea of innovation and allows direct communication with all departments. The proximity to our current location in Dortmund was also important for our decision – we remain true to our home region, the Ruhr area”.

Anticipation among employees

In the meantime a total of almost 500 employees work at Of these, 300 are responsible for administrative tasks. Further support is planned for the future. An enlargement of the office space was inevitable. “Our employees are very much looking forward to the new offices,” Salewsky confirms.

Industrial charm and digital innovation

Landmarken AG is planning a multifunctional concept with offices, co-working, workshop, event area/exhibition, catering, nursery, warehouse and technology. For the online shop, the ideal conditions for creative work with continuous exchange and short decision-making paths. Already in the past, the headquarters had to be extended by a new building due to the growing company.

The future headquarters will be equipped with a new concept. Salewsky emphasizes to Luna Journal: “The decisive difference at the former Opel factory site is the concentration of all departments in one place. A real headquarter. The open space concept with coworking spaces and think tanks also offers new opportunities for creative exchange. The premises in the O-Werk will reflect our positive, young and agile corporate culture”.

Relocation rings in next chapter for

Bastian Siebers, CEO of GmbH explains: “Our new home should suit us as a company. No soulless, exchangeable new building at any place. We were looking for a building that would combine history and digital innovation. A building that brings together our regional roots and cosmopolitanism. With this step we are opening the next chapter for the O-Werk, for our company, perhaps even for the Metropole Ruhr”.

For the coming year would like to hold as digital enterprise to its rapid growth course. “We will continue on this path in 2019 and assert ourselves at the forefront of baby and toddler equipment,” predicts Salewsky.


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Image: Landmarken AG/ RKW Architecture+