BabyOne is trying out a new store concept with the “LüttenLaden” stores in Hamburg and Cologne. With this new approach, the specialist store chain wants to move into the locations of the city centres.

BabyOne, the specialist retail chain from Münster, is presenting itself on the market for the first time with a store concept for the locations of city centres. The “LüttenLaden” store with an area of 250 m² was opened in Hamburg at the beginning of June. The “LüttenLaden” store in Cologne is to follow in July.

BabyOne wants to reach an urban audience

According to Stefan Keil, managing director of the BabyOne Franchise and system center GmbH, it is the goal with the LüttenLaden to reach strengthened urban public in metropolises.

The concept for the “LüttenLaden” was developed by a small start-up consisting of employees of the BabyOne franchise and system headquarters. The intention behind the new concept is to reach the young people in the metropolises through stores in a central location. The stationary shop surfaces come from the on-line dealer family gang. The former employees of both stores have been taken over.

The BabyOne network

“Delivery and availability of goods, logistics, range of services – our city centre stores can draw on the complete power of the large network. LüttenLaden offers everything a large BabyOne specialist store can offer,” explains Wilhelm Weischer, Managing Director of BabyOne Franchise and System Headquarters. “Even pure on-line dealers invest in central approach points for customers. For a retailer who has been perfecting its stationary business for over 30 years, this is a very promising market,” says Weischer.

The development team wants the LüttenLaden stores to be “close, comfortable and customer-oriented”. In addition, they are to present a “metropolitan” section of the BabyOne range.

“I am sure that we can quickly learn a great deal about the needs of urban customer groups here. Firstly, the entire group will benefit from this. And secondly, there is no reason why this concept should not not be successfully implemented at other locations,” says Keil.

A family business

The medium-sized family business was founded in 1988 as “Babyland” in Freudenberg near Siegen. After five years, the company was renamed BabyOne. The 30-year-old company employs 1,500 people, 27 franchisees and our managing directors Gabriele & Wilhelm Weischer and Stefan Keil.

The first franchisees were the managing directors Gabriele & Wilhelm Weischer. In 1992 they opened the first BabyOne specialist store in Münster. They were already able to expand their professional skills in their parents’ toy store in Werne. They also brought a lot of practical experience to the company through their own four children. Together with Stefan Keil, who joined the management board at the beginning of 2006, they manage the BabyOne headquarters.

Management of the BabyOne headquarters: Stefan Keil, Gabriele Weischer, Wilhelm Weischer (from left to right)

















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