Sustainability is an important issue. At the first bio!TOY conference on 27 and 28 March, experts will discuss how this can also be achieved with plastic toys.

After all, plastic is the material most commonly used for toys and many leisure products. In Europe alone, over 64 million tonnes of plastic were produced in 2017. Some of the plastic toys have been badly talked about lately. They hit the headlines because of increased levels of pollutants. The first bio!TOY conference will show that there is another way. It will take place on 27 and 28 March in Nuremberg. The theme will be that plastics for toys should be and can be as healthy and sustainable as possible. The first manufacturers of plastic toys are already switching to plastics made from bio-based materials. These are made from renewable raw materials. The bio!TOY conference will address the questions of how this change can be accelerated and how claims can be secured.

DVSI supports the first bio!TOY Conference

The conference is organized by bioplastics Magazine in cooperation with the innovation consultancy narocon. The German Toy Industry Association supports the bio!TOY conference. DVSI Managing Director Ulrich Brobeil: “The toy industry wants sustainable materials for production and packaging. We are concerned with the possibilities offered by new bio-based plastics. At the conference our members and all responsible persons will develop knowledge, visions and goals. Cooperation can take place along the entire value chain”. More than 20 presentations will highlight suitable materials, application examples and user experiences. In addition, experts will provide background information on regulations, guidelines and funding opportunities. The conference will be accompanied by a table-top exhibition of business and technology leaders. Speakers include Nelleke van der Puil from Lego, Stefan Friedrich from brick manufacturer Bioblo and Kathrin Birkmann from TÜV Rheinland.

Innovative companies report on their experiences

The program of the first bio!TOY conference is divided into three areas. In the toy field, the focus will be on products, early adopter experiences, strategies and marketing. Background information is provided on standards, laws, quality management and labels. The second pillar is the supply of plastics such as biobased PE, PP, PET, TPE, PLA or additives and fillers. Dr. Harald Kaeb, expert for bio-based chemistry, founder of narocon InnovationConsulting and co-organizer of bio!TOY: “The bio-based plastics industry can supply polymers and materials with functionalities and sustainability attributes, in particular contributions to CO2 emission reduction. The applications are representatives of a new plastics industry: recyclable, safe products from renewable raw materials. So that our children too can lead a good life”.


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