Rainer Stäbler, Managing Director EMEA at Britax Römer and Patrick Gerard, CEO of Rompa are looking forward to ten years of cooperation. At the end of 2018 Britax Römer’s Dutch plastics processor Rompa will open its plant next to the child safety expert in Leipheim. The market leader in the field of children’s mobility and its supplier Rompa want to set new standards for sustainable and efficient production together.

Rompa has been producing various plastic parts for Britax Römer products since 2017. These include the seat shell of the child car seats.

“The direct proximity to Rompa opens up perfect synergies for us. We can exchange information even more directly during product development and also integrate our production even more closely. Last but not least, together we are setting a strong sign for sustainability, as we are significantly improving our CO2 balance due to extremely short transport routes and considerably reduced packaging material,” says Rainer Stäbler, Managing Director EMEA, Britax Römer. “Our brand has been based in this region for more than 100 years and we are proud to deepen our roots here with this step.”

Cooperation Britax Römer & Rompa

In December 2017, the supplier Rompa bought the land next to the Britax Römer plant. The construction of the hall, which covers about 4,500 square meters, is already underway. Five large injection moulding machines with a clamp force of 1,200 tons are to be positioned inside the building. The two company buildings are connected by a connecting tunnel. In addition, a special train is being planned to transport the individual parts from Rompa production directly to Britax Römer. The aim is to produce the first plastic parts in the new plant at the end of 2018. With the new factory and the newly created jobs, the supplier Rompa, as well as Britax Römer, contributes an important part to the local economy in Leipheim and in the area Pro.

“We are doing everything we can to make our processes as sustainable and efficient as possible. This step fits this idea perfectly,” says Patrick Gerard, CEO of Rompa. “Due to the fact that we are close to our customers, unnecessary processes are reduced to a minimum.”



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Image: häberlein & mauerer