Advertorial: On 10 July, Britax Römer launched a digital campaign that takes the audience on a journey through the child seat manufacturing process. Under the slogan, “Made for our children, made for your children”, the video was made exclusively with real Britax Römer employees. Moritz Walther, Marketing Director EMEA, Britax Römer tells Luna Journal about the intention behind the project and why transparency is important to the company.

Could you briefly explain the intention behind the campaign?

Moritz Walther, Marketing Director EMEA, Britax Römer: We are a German and English company with a long history here in Europe and are proud that our entire child seat development – from the initial idea to the crash test and production – is based under one roof in Leipheim (Germany). This is rather unusual in our industry today. Many visitors who come to Leipheim are impressed when they see all this with their own eyes. With the “Made in Germany” campaign we would like to convey this feeling and the experience to a larger audience.

How important is it to you that Britax Römer child seats carry the quality characteristic Made in Germany/Made in Europe?

As the only large brand that produces child seats almost exclusively locally in Germany and the UK, it is important for us to communicate this characteristic to our customers. But it’s not just about the quality feature, it’s also about what’s behind it. The video shows what Made in Germany really means: Through our employees and our factory.

What does the “Made in Germany” campaign mean to you?

As father of two children in the child seat age I can identify 100% with the campaign content. “Everything for our children” – “Everything for your children” sums up very well what Britax Römer stands for. We would never develop and manufacture products in which we would not put our own children. Many of our production employees, test engineers, financial colleagues, purchasing managers, quality inspectors, sales and marketing staff have children of their own and bring feedback from their personal experiences to our products every day and they and of course we as a brand are proud of this.

The campaign gives the audience an insight into the manufacturing process of Britax Römer products. Why do you want to offer your customers a certain transparency?

Steve Jobs once said that the design of a product must look as good inside as it does outside. We believe that the core brand of Britax Römer – our manufacturing process, our buildings, our crash test facility and especially our employees – is one of our great strengths. And we would like to share this with the outside world. Customers today not only buy a product, but also the values, creativity and experience of a brand. We want to familiarize our customers with these characteristics.

You made the video exclusively with your Britax Römer employees. Why did you focus on your employees?

The heart of our company and the Made in Germany video, lies in the people: from the production workers to the management, who dedicate their everyday life to child safety. Some have worked at Britax Römer for more than 30 years and travel far  every day to work for us. It was important to us to be very authentic and transparent in the video and that also means to leave the stage to our multicultural group.

In your image film it becomes clear that Britax Römer attaches great importance to quality, innovation, precision and attention to detail. How do you combine these components in your product?

The Dualfix i-Size, our premium child seat, which can also be seen in the film, is the perfect example of how we combine our values in one product. The 360° swivel seat has a beautiful design, many different functions and offers maximum safety from birth to the age of 4 years. We have been working on this seat for several years to ensure it meets our standards of safety, design and comfort. The positive feedback from both customers and dealers and the good test results indicate that we have achieved our goal.

You test your child seats in your own crash test facility in Leipheim. How can you guarantee a safe end-product?

Over the years we have developed a very detailed and defined test process. During the development process, a child seat undergoes various tests over and over again. In addition to continuous crash tests on one of our four test facilities in Europe, the seat is also tested virtually. We use Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) to simulate detailed crash simulations virtually. This gives us detailed insights into the effects of an accident.

But even if the seat is already in series production, testing does not end: We take products out of production at regular intervals and test them again at our crash test facilities. Very important: it is not always just about crash tests, there are also regular component tests, such as tests of the belt buckles, which help us to guarantee our high quality standards.

In December 2017, the supplier Rompa bought the land next to the Britax Römer plant. To what extent should this influence the production process? When is the hall expected to be completed?

This step has many advantages for us. On the one hand, we can exchange information even more directly during product development and, on the other hand, we can integrate our production even more closely. It is a sign of our commitment to Made in Germany. Last but not least, we are setting a strong example for sustainability and a better CO2 balance through short transport routes and reduced packaging material.

The hall is scheduled for completion in mid-March 2019.

To what extent is Britax Römer’s 50 years of experience reflected in its products?

Our seats are produced by hand and this is an art that has been built up and refined over the years. Here we benefit, among other things, from our best practices, but also from the valuable experience of long-standing employees. They know the company philosophy, safety standards and products inside out. In this way, concepts and ideas from the past can be revived, for example, which could not be implemented due to a lack of technologies. Our experience is passed on through constant and intensive exchange between the teams and also with external partners.

What are your plans for the future with Britax Römer?

We will continue to expand our location advantage in the future and strive for an even more sustainable development and production of our products. The focus will of course continue to be on the safe mobility of children and in the segments in which we are successful – strollers, child car seats and child bike seats – we will continue to actively expand.


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Image: Britax Römer – Moritz Walther, Marketing Direktor EMEA, Britax Römer