Dr Lothar Wech from TÜV Süd explains what parents should look for when buying a child car seat.

What your customers should know:

Luna Journal: How does a children’s car seat protect the child?

Dr Wech: It prevents the seat occupant from being thrown forward and colliding with hard zones in the vehicle. Basically, in exactly the same way as a safety belt for adults.

Luna Journal: How can we help parents finding the right car seat for their child?

Dr Wech: Parents should ensure they receive full and proper consultation in a specialised store – and read the test reports in advance. It’s also easier for the retailer and the parents to have both car and child there when buying a seat.

Luna Journal: Rear-facing child car seats are very much in vogue. Are they really that much safer?

Dr Wech: The majority of serious accidents are head-on collisions. In this case, a rear-facing seat offers much better protection, since the child is shielded by the entire seat.

Check list for infant car seats

When buying a child car seat, parent’s priorities are virtually identical. Stockists should know which brands meet the points on the checklist:

  • Conforms to a recognized standard?
  • Fits the customer’s vehicle?
  • Headrest with side-supports?
  • Shoulder straps fit snugly on the shoulders?
  • Waist straps sit as low as possible in the groin?
  • Adjustable backrest?
  • Removable cover?
  • Breathable seat?


Fasten your safety belts: for parents on the move, infant car seats are a MUST! While safety, comfort and functionality remain key considerations, design is also an increasingly important factor in product choice. The new generation of child seats covers all these requirements.


Although it is well known that babies have a sensitive spine and should lie as flat as possible, conventional infant carriers still encourage a curved posture. The patented lie-flat technology in the Kiddy evo-lunafix ensures that babies lie flat in the infant carrier. Ideal for parents frequently on the move. www.kiddy.de


With over a million sales by its predecessor, the latest child seat from Recaro has a tough act to follow. Fortunately, the Young Sport Hero features a range of enhancements such as an innovative belt system and advanced side protection, making it just as safe and practical. Moreover, the integrated safety concept combines shoulder padding, belts and headrest in one unit, thereby preventing belts from twisting and guaranteeing optimal protection and comfort. de.recaro-cs.com


The Cloud Q infant car seat from Cybex provides safe transport for tiny passengers inside and outside the car, where its reclining backrest transforms it into a practical and clever carrycot with a near-flat lying position. Adjusting the headrest to any one of 11 positions automatically alters the harness length and sitting angle, thus ensuring that the seat grows with the child. www.cybex-online.com/de


How to ensure that little girls will love riding in the car? By decorating infant car seats with the world’s favourite cat, that’s how! Osann has done just that and given the pink treatment to the Safety Plus NT, Starter SP, Racer SP and Topo Luxe models. Awesomely cute! Sure to make mummies go weak at the knees as well! www.osann.de

By Julia Anderton