With the following Top 10, we reveal which costumes are especially popular for children at carnival time. The list includes many “classics”, which seem to be big hits every year. The pirate costume has been undefeated for years. This overview will also allow you to place orders for next year in good time and with forward-thinking.

  • S.W.A.T. costume:
    Almost every boy dreams of becoming a policeman and ensuring law and order. The S.W.A.T. costume easily fulfils this desire, turning children into the coolest policemen in the world.
  • 1980s rock star costume:
    The glam factor of the 1980s has singularly impressed young girls. But nobody should be surprised when children dream of becoming stars.
  • “Dangerous ninja” costume:
    To be as silent as a ninja and sneak through the night is something that many boys would like to try. With such a chic costume, that’s hardly surprising…
  • “Little fairy” costume:
    Little girls feel great when they imagine themselves as magical fairies. Don’t forget about a suitable magic wand, which is not included in many costumes.
  • Pirate costume:
    Pirate costumes are still very popular among children. The idea of being a proud pirate captain has been lighting up children’s eyes for many generations.
  • Fireman child’s T-shirt:
    Many boys would like to spend a day as a fireman, to put out fires and save lives. With this practical shirt, fulfilling their wish will no longer be a problem.
  • Mermaid costume:
    Many girls like to daydream that they are underwater princesses, which is why the mermaid costume is so popular.
  • “Little knight” costume:
    With the knight costume, boys can transform themselves into brave fighters, who save fair maidens from dragons. Little adventurers will be delighted by this outfit.
  • “Sweet leopard” costume:
    Any little girl who wants to dress like her inner wild cat will feel as comfortable as a kitten in this animal costume.
  • Ladybird costume:
    A very cute costume for little bugs, which will get noticed at every children’s carnival party.
  • Image: iStock/Imgorthand