In a statement, the owner of the Austrian company of the same name, Andreas Stadlbauer, referred to the tense market situation. Thus, in addition to some toy retailers, Stadlbauer Marketing + Vertrieb GmbH is also struggling with a sharp loss in sales. In addition, the toy retailer Toys”R”Us has made an important contribution to Stadlbauer’s total turnover. The sales channel was destroyed by the bankruptcy of Toys”R”Us. As if that weren’t enough, Amazon, which makes its biggest profit from it, is putting massive pressure on prices.

The model race car track has existed since 1963 and has lost none of its fascination over the years. Even today, many still know the dynamic brand name. In the past, the race track manufacturer’s name was already in sight twice. New ideas, clever marketing campaigns and repeated restructuring within the company (including a change of management) prevented this.

Carrera has problems

In 2017, sales and Edit are said to have suffered from the termination of a distribution partnership with the Italian toy manufacturer Giochi Preziosi. In an interview with manager magazin, Stadlbauer said that group sales had fallen by 2 percent to around 100 million euros last year.

According to the latest results, Stadlbauer Marketing + Vertrieb GmbH reports regressive sales of 59 million euros for the 2016 financial year, with the operating result falling into the red at -116,000 euros. Debts had risen to 12 million euros. This was reported by manager magazin. Moreover, according to manager magazin, the group did not publish a consolidated balance sheet.

A positive look into the future

Despite all this, Stadlbauer was optimistic towards manager magazin. Revenues in the German market rose by 5 percent in the first months of the current year.

“Carrera still has great potential. We are investing in the internationalization of the business, want to profit from digitization and plan to acquire a brand that fits very well with our core business of toys on four wheels”, Stadlbauer told

Stadlbauer gets help in the further development of the core business from the management consultancy Ramsauer & Stürmer. Norbert Frömmer takes over the position as Sales Director. The Managing Director of LRS Management Consulting will be responsible for the company’s strategy and organizational improvements in the future. As CEO, Stadlbauer will be responsible for marketing and sales. Josef Bachler will take care of the finances until retirement at the end of the year.
When asked whether a sale of the likewise beleaguered Puppenherstellers Schildkröt is planned, race track manufacturer did not want to make a statement to manager magazin.


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