The future of e-commerce

Giving future generations of shoppers what they want

October 15, 2015

MARKETS Shopping with Daddy

Modern hands-on fathers are keen to be involved with all aspects of parenting. So how do companies target the new breed of discerning daddies?

October 14, 2015

Accessories Socks with a pattern

German sock manufacturer Ewers Strümpfe from Medbach is delighted to announce partnerships with BIG-Bobby-Car and byGraziela.

October 12, 2015

COMPANIES Rachel Riley, London, about her company

KIDX Journal: Which business segment has been most successful in 2015?

October 8, 2015

Baby Fashion Whatever the weather!

Finkid: classic designs matched with robust materials

October 7, 2015

MARKETS All part of the package

To some ears, packaging and branding can sound terribly complex and abstract, but in reality they’re not. KIDX Journal has taken a look at the latest packaging trends and how brands get their message…

October 6, 2015

MARKETS Content marketing for fashion brands and retailers

On demand are intelligent concepts to attract customers and develop long-term relationships

October 5, 2015

MARKETS ‘The Adorables’ – new social media site by online-retailer Childrensalon

Online retailer for children’s designer fashion presents their brand new social network, ‘The Adorables’.

September 30, 2015

Industry Congratulations!

Why wait until New Year’s Eve before uncorking the champagne? Recent awards have left a number of manufacturers with good reason to celebrate. We present some of the winners in the baby and toddler se…

September 22, 2015

HARDWARE New homeware collection

Bananas, pineapples, pears and strawberries:

September 21, 2015

Industry Hush, little baby!

It’s a big responsibility for such a small piece of furniture: a children’s bed must provide many things – not least a good night’s sleep for offspring and parents alike.

September 11, 2015

KIDX 10 out now

The latest issue:

September 10, 2015

Industry Free of harmful substances – NUK

Free of harmful substances? That’s always been the central claim of NUK.

September 9, 2015

Care Free of harmful substances – Lansinoh

Young mothers need know that nursing pads are up to the job.

September 9, 2015

Health Free of harmful substances -MAM

Take two products, combine the best properties of both, and what do you get? The Perfect Night pacifier from MAM!

September 9, 2015