Recently, Childhome, the Belgian manufacturer of baby products and furniture, organised its second successful International Press Day in its Belgian offices. The company invited journalists from all over the world: Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Great Britain, the Netherlands and, of course, Belgium.

Childhome meets Maryke Hanneman

After a tour of the inspirational showroom with innovative baby products, an intensive round of talks about the current market and an interesting guest speaker followed: Maryke Hanneman from the European Nursery Products Confederation (ENPC). On the second day, the journalists visited several baby shops for a personal in-store experience with Childhome products.

“A consumer who wants to buy should be able to buy, so the offer is the key and consumers follow the offer. There are literally no more boundaries to prevent this from happening. But most retailers don’t have the resources to do this: you need the suppliers, you need the brands, otherwise how do you want to offer such a large assortment to your customers? That’s why we are there for our customers. Every year, our outstanding product team develops award-winning products that we present to them at international trade shows.” Cédric Rodrigues, Head of International Sales at Childhome.

Focus on international export

The Belgian manufacturer is currently focusing on international exports. While the design concepts for a large number of products are developed in Kontrich / Belgium, production is largely carried out via Eastern Europe and China. Instead of the classic catalogue, the so-called “Mommy-Zine Magazine” replaces the sales brochure.

High safety standards for the products

Childhome also focuses on its “Safety Products” category. The goal: International Safety Guidelines In addition, all furniture is designed to grow with you.

“Young parents all over the world are increasingly buying baby equipment on the second-hand market. Without knowing whether everything complies with current safety standards and without anyone checking. On the other hand, Europe is imposing more and more regulations on manufacturers of baby articles. When will this unequal struggle come to an end? And when will Europe consistently support consumers and manufacturers?
Vincent Vanderjonckheijd, head of the product team at Childhome.

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Picture: Childhome