The Playtime children’s fashion fair has taken place in Berlin for three seasons now. Unfortunately, the number of visitors and buyers was not as high as expected. Now Playtime announced the end of Berlin.

Playtime Berlin celebrated its debut in July 2017 at Palazzo Italia. The fair wanted to benefit from the high consumption in Germany – after all one of the highest in Europe – as well as from creative and innovative brands from neighbouring countries such as Austria, Poland and Russia. Since the first edition, however, the fair has complained that it only had few visitors. If one had initially hoped for at least 1,500 buyers, the figure of just under 1,240 was now too low to keep the fair going.

“After three seasons in Berlin, Playtime has helped many of its exhibitors to develop their market in Germany and has sustainably strengthened its bond with German buyers,” according to a brief statement on the trade fair’s international website. “Despite our efforts, however, we have not seen any positive development in visitor numbers, and there is nothing that suggests that this will change in the foreseeable future. It could be that there is currently no room for another children’s fair in Europe; it could also be that the market in Germany is too divided to be worthwhile for brands with a big fair there. We have therefore decided not to keep the Playtime in Berlin any longer and to concentrate on other markets”.

However, the organizers promise to keep all Playtime visitors informed about new projects, refer to the online presence and the existing Playtimes in Paris, Tokyo and New York.


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Bild: iloveplaytime – Playtime Berlin