From 9 to 11 February 2018 specialist retailers and children’s fashion suppliers met for the QUARTERkids at the MMC Leipzig. Since the February edition of the QUARTERkids took place for the first time in parallel with the MMC shoe kick-off event QUARTERshoestart (February 10 and 11, 2018), an extensive portfolio of boots, ankle boots, low shoes, trainers, sneakers, sports and leisure shoes was also represented. We spoke with Nicole Steege, project manager of the organizer MMC fashion fairs, about the new concept.

A total of 129 collections were presented at the QUATERkids. What trends can be drawn from this for the autumn and winter of 2018?

Nicole Steege: I quote Jörg Behrends, sales representative for Garcia, Jacky, ImageKids! and Mayoral. He has observed that in the coming autumn and winter, sporting elements from American sports and athleisure will dominate. Large prints with lettering on sleeves, chest and back as well as timeless shades of blue are a must for the boys. For the girls, the pinker and redder the clothes, the better. And in combination with check, animal or flower patterns you can look forward to playful favourite pieces.

How was the response of the visitors?

In personal conversations, many specialist retailers rated the merging of the two trade fairs as very positive. In particular, the resultant time savings in not having to visit both trade fairs individually was rated as very positive by many people. Overlapping problems with other trade fairs, especially traders with several product groups, could also be solved with the merger. A specialist retailer told us that she often had to decide in favour of a trade fair, as several took place on the same weekend. A common appointment simplifies trade fair planning.

From which regions did most visitors come?

We have illustrated this in a geomarketing overview.

What are the advantages of Leipzig as a trade fair location?

With a trade fair, exhibitors serve one of the largest catchment areas in Germany (catchment area is the new federal states). You benefit from professional MMC marketing and invitation management and find optimal presentation possibilities for your collection. They enjoy high customer traction because their competitors are already there – (especially the permanent tenants of the SOC Shoe Order Center and Kids Order Center). The MMC service package for new exhibitors enables them to make optimum use of their dealer potential from the very first trade fair participation on. Exhibitors benefit from the high level of industry expertise of the Leipzig/Schkeuditz sales location, which has been introduced to the specialist trade.

Do you also observe a synergy between children’s fashion and the shoe segment at stationary German retailers?

In discussions with specialist retailers, we were told that it is easier for a children’s shoe retailer to expand its range by children’s fashion, such as accessories, than for a children’s fashion company wishing to expand its footwear range. Buying and storing multiple pairs of shoes is more expensive than adding lifestyle accessories. Therefore, one could hypothetically say that children’s shoe suppliers can make better use of these synergies.

How was the kids area of the QUARTERshoestar set up?

The SOC Shoe Order Center on the third floor of the MMC Leipzig has permanent tenants. These also include pure children’s shoe suppliers such as Primigi, Pepino, horse lovers or Bergstein. A large number of our shoe tenants carry several product groups, such as Beck, Dockers by Gerli, Marco Tozzi or Mustang Shoes. In the Kids Order Center on the first floor of the MMC Leipzig there are only children’s fashion stores. Our visitors found an extension of the QUARTERkids order area in the central hall and the adjoining Gala Hall, whereas the children’s shoe suppliers were positioned in the directly adjacent part of the QUARTERkids order area in the central hall. These formed a small area of their own. The main part of the Gala Hall was occupied by shoe suppliers with women’s and men’s shoes.

Which newcomers were included in the last issue of the QUARTERshoestart?

Among them were for instance Hengst Footwear, Clamp, Peter Kaiser, Maestro and M77 by ANGI VENEZIA.



Image: MMC Leipzig/QUARTERkids