Horizontal climate channels, gel foam and even box-spring mattresses: The market for mattresses for children is on the move. Luna Journal spoke to three exhibitors at the Kind + Jugend about their innovations.

Hardly any other topic is as important for young parents as the sleep of their offspring. Toddlers spend 10 to 15 hours a day in their bed, infants often much more. Just as with adults, a good mattress is an important factor for restful sleep. According to the initiative Aktion Gesunder Rücken, mattresses for children play a central role in physical development. A mattress that is too soft does not provide sufficient support for the spine and impedes its development. A mattress that is too hard, however, can promote the formation of a saddle back. According to AGR experts, a mattress should therefore adapt to the child’s body despite its low weight. Beside the firmness also sufficient ventilation is crucial for the child’s back. These points are considered by many manufacturers and are important arguments for many fathers and mothers when it comes to the purchase of a mattress.

Two sides = two mattresses for children

Julius Zöllner’s portfolio includes Dr. Lübbe baby mattresses, a series of mattresses based on the elastic principle. It was developed more than 30 years ago with the paediatrician Dr. Carsten Lübbe, who wanted to combat postural scoliosis due to mattresses that were too hard. Julius Zöllner from the management: “This is how the “elastic principle” according to Dr. Carsten Lübbe was created, which pursues a medium soft concept: The medium soft baby side, which is perfectly suitable from birth for the first year of life, the dimensionally stable central middle layer, which prevents the baby from sinking in, and the somewhat harder toddler side, which offers an optimal sleeping surface for up to 4 years. We continue to pursue this successful concept. Of course, using new, ultra-modern materials”. The cross section of one of these mattresses shows how. Different materials are processed here, the core of the mattress is from another material than the edge.

Zöllner - Dr. Lübbe Air Premium.
Zöllner – Dr. Lübbe Air Premium

Moisture repellence

The manufacturers are relying on well thought-out details and materials that are sometimes in no way inferior to adult mattresses. Tobi has developed new mattresses for the lying surfaces of its popular babybay bed series. The Medicott Angel extra airy plus variant uses gel foam. It is supposed to relieve the body, support it at the same time and ensure the right balance of body temperature with its open-cell structure. In addition, further climate channels are horizontally integrated into the supporting lower comfort foam for heat exchange. The moisture repellence is important, especially for baby mattresses. Because many baby beds do not have a slatted frame, but a plate. If the moisture gets stuck here, mould stains or even mold in general can form. Therefore, the baby mattress should have a removable cover, which is washable at 60 degrees. According to Tobi, a refinement prevents the formation of germs and the penetration of moisture.

Babybay Tobi - Matratze Medicott Angel extraluftig
Babybay Tobi – Mattress Medicott Angel extraluftig

Mattresses for children can reduce risk factors for sudden infant death

The right sleeping environment helps to minimize risk factors for sudden infant death. Stephanie Viehhofer, Managing Director of Alvi, reveals how: “To reduce the risk, good ventilation of the mattress is particularly important. This is achieved by incorporating horizontal and vertical climate channels as well as a spacer fabric in combination with a climate regulating fabric (Tencel). This combination and design ensures the best possible air circulation on the mattress surface and thus optimized moisture regulation and reduction of CO2 rebreathing”. The “Malte” variant is particularly popular among her company’s children’s mattresses. It fulfils the points raised by Viehhofer and received the AGR seal of approval from the intiative Aktion Gesunder Rücken. Julius Zöllner ensures an ideal sleeping climate for his mattresses “through the use of breathable covers made of elaborate cotton or TENCEL mixes and high-quality foam cores”.

ALVI Matratze Malte
Alvi Mattress Malte

Safety is important when buying mattresses

Another important aspect for many parents is safety. Julius Zöllner: “In the majority of our mattresses, we use non-slip edges that reduce the risk of the toddler getting his foot caught between the bed and the mattress when standing in the cot.” The question often arises as to whether the mattresses can be used with baby monitors that have sensor mats. Some manufacturers now include this Information with their mattresses. And also successes from the adult world are found again with the child mattresses. Stephanie Viehhofer of Alvi: “We observed the triumphant march of the box-pring mattresses, whose origin is to be found in upscale American hotels, attentively and developed our own, very high-quality box-spring mattress “BoxspringKids”.” This mattress belongs to the high-end price segment and is well received in this segment. The optimal ventilation, combined with a high point elasticity, is achieved with this mattress by 525 individually sewn-in pocket springs.”.


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