In August, the second Children’s Shoe Order Days take place in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Breitscheid. Luna Journal spoke to Thomas Wetzlar, the organizer of the Children’s Shoe Order Days.

Following the successful trade fair premiere last February, a total of 55 brands have now registered for the Roadshow of the Children’s Shoe Order Days and will travel through the major German metropolitan regions for four weeks in varying composition from 5 August 2018. The kick-off will be the Children’s Shoe Order Days in Munich on 5 and 6 August. In the megacity 29 children’s shoe brands are presented and offer visitors an exciting portfolio of world-famous brands at the Moc season opening in Atrium 3.

Afterwards Berlin is on the agenda from 12 to 13 August! In the trendy event location “Von-Greifswald”, a total of 38 children’s shoe brands and brands make a guest appearance here. On the following Sunday the second edition of the Children’s Shoe Order Days starts in Breitscheid. Outside the gates of the fashion city of Düsseldorf, the guest exhibitors will present 45 children’s shoe brands and offer visitors an overview of the hottest labels and fashion trends. The roadshow will be finished on 26 and 27 August with the Children’s Shoe Order Days in Hamburg, where a total of 39 brands will introduce themselves to dealers in the north. Luna Journal has spoken to Thomas Wetzlar, the organizer of the fair.

How was the feedback from exhibitors and buyers on the first Children’s Shoe Order Days?

Thomas Wetzlar, organizer of the Children’s Shoe Order Days Breitscheid: Both exhibitors and visitors were very positive about the first edition of the Children’s Shoe Order Days as a new order format. The approach of making the great diversity of children’s shoes accessible at regional level as well, apart from large trade fair events, was particularly appealing. Thanks to the great feedback after the premiere in Breitscheid, we have now transferred the format to other cities.

Is there still something you want to do differently this time?

The concept of uniform all-inclusive stands was well received by exhibitors and visitors. In the course of the significant increase in the number of exhibitors, we have had the stand system modified and extended somewhat and had tables specially adapted for a uniform appearance; on the whole, however, everything remains as it was. The free snack bar with its wide selection of cold and hot drinks and delicious snacks was a real attraction for visitors and exhibitors, where networking and exchange took place. We have retained this concept and transferred it to all stations of the Children’s Shoe Order Days.

How do the Children’s Shoe Order Days differ from other trade fairs?

There has never been a concept like the Children’s Shoe Order Days in the past. Up to now, children’s shoe retailers have been offered a large number of different trade fairs and order events. On a regional level in particular, however, due to the low diversity on the exhibitor side, these were often hardly relevant; all too often measurable, due to the absence of visitors and with the consequence of further erosion on the exhibitor side. A vicious circle. Order times are short and full of appointments for everyone. With their broad portfolio of exciting brands, the Children’s Shoe Order Days offer children’s shoe buyers the great opportunity to meet their existing suppliers in a relaxed atmosphere and at the same time get to know many new brands. With us, visitors can complete their seasonal orders with short distances. The Children’s Shoe Order Days successfully reconcile networking, ordering and efficient working without a long journey. This makes the event special.

From which countries will the exhibitors be represented on the Children’s Shoe Order Days?

Exhibitors and brands from the following countries will be presented: Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Colombia, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, USA.

What trends in children’s shoes can be found at the fair?

A wide range of styles and directions can be found, from leather shoes and sandals to light sneakers, slippers and sports shoes. What unites them all are the many great colors and super-smooth materials. Children’s shoes should be comfortable and offer support at the same time. From our point of view, this has never been achieved so well and in so many different ways as in the coming spring season.



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Image: Luna Media GmbH