Öko-Test has tested various children’s tableware sets in the Children and Family Yearbook. In contrast to the plastic versions, the bamboo dishes were not convincing.

The consumer magazine complains above all that the supposed eco-variant is not as natural as many assume and that the manufacturers support these assumptions by inadequate labelling. A total of 14 children’s tableware sets were tested, including three bamboo products. While all the plastic products received top marks, the bamboo alternatives were rated “insufficient” and “not marketable”.

Öko-Test accuses manufacturers of consumer deception

Manufacturers of bamboo products mix the fibers and starch powder with melamine resin or polylactate. This is done to give the material a durable shape and strength. In the test, products had a melamine plastic content of between 40 and 71 percent. The products are harmless to health, as the EU limit values for melamine and formaldehyde emissions are not exceeded, but the undeclared plastic content moved Öko Test to a devastating verdict.

“If it is not recognizable during the presentation of so-called bamboo dishes that the articles were manufactured from plastic, the fact of the consumer illusion is fulfilled”, explains Dr. Uwe Lauber of the chemical veterinary surgeon and investigation office (CVUA) Stuttgart.

Reasons for the negative overall verdicts included misleading material claims such as undeclared melamine. In addition, bio-plastics should be disposed of as residual waste and are not recycled by waste disposal companies, which is why biodegradability is a promise that cannot be fulfilled.

Plastic tableware for children recommended

Plastic tableware for children is also mainly made of melamine resin. At temperatures above 70 degrees Celsius, hazardous amounts of melamine and formaldehyde can enter food, so you should never use the dishes for cooking or in the microwave. Beyond great heat the products are however harmless according to ecological test. Among the tested products with the overall rating “very good” belong:

  • Babydream donkey by Rossmann
  • Cars Melamine Breakfast Set from P:os
  • The little caterpillar Nimmersatt children’s crockery from Geda Labels
  • The loved ones seven of The Spiegelburg
  • Haba croco friends of Habermaaß
  • Jako-O Melamine Set by Jako-O
  • Kalas of Ikea
  • Children’s harness Peppa Pig by Stor
  • Casual children’s tableware Wildlife Rhino by Lässig
  • Sigikid Schnuggi by Sigikid
  • Sterntaler Bear Ben von Sterntaler


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Link: Öko-Test has tested children’s tableware.

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