Retailers expect a plus of 3% thanks to the Christmas business. According to the German Retail Association HDE, sales in November and December will be worth about 94.5 billion euros this year. “The economic conditions are good. The Christmas business will once again be a decisive sales driver for many retailers this year,” said HDE President Josef Sanktjohanser.

Sales during the Christmas season are 15% higher than the other months, and up to 100% higher in some industries. In the toys sector, retailers generate almost 27% of their annual turnover in November and December. An increasing proportion of gifts is sold over the Internet. The online Christmas business is worth 12.2 billion euros this year, an increase of 10% compared to 2016.

On average, each German over the age of 12 will spend around 466 euros on Christmas presents. The most popular present are gift certificates, followed by cosmetics and personal care, as well as books and stationery. Toys are in sixth place, with 39% of respondents planning to buy toys as presents.

However, not all retailers are looking forward to Christmas. Many smaller shops, in particular, have subdued expectations. According to the HDE survey, just one in four companies with fewer than five employees expect sales to increase in the second half of the year.



Bild: Pixabay