Young people demand their own areas and want to be taken seriously and perceived as an own target group in fashion, knows Per Vangsgaard. The founder of the Danish brand Cost: Bart spoke to Luna Journal about the development and the potential of the new segment.

With the brand Cost:Bart you specialize in the teen or tween segment, which potential and needs do you see here?

The tween and teen segment grows steadily, here in Denmark, directly followed by the Netherlands, we can observe that the segment in itself is already wide spread. Other countries follow because the demand is present. Teens want their own area in fashion and be perceived as independent growing adults. On one hand, they are too big for children‘s fashion, on the other hand, they are too small for the grown up one. Teens need a place to go since they, understandably, do not want to shop in the children‘s area where the three to six year olds hang around as well. Therefore, it is important that the brand as well as the trade create a universe for this segment.

What is the DNA of Cost:Bart?

Cost:Bart is authentic since we love what we do and we create fashion with the intention to make our clients feel comfortable. Cost:Bart is luxurious in a cool and sporty way with the focus on details and their high quality.

You are present in the German market through the trade agency Böckmann since 2015 and, therewith, also present on the German ordering days. How has Cost:Bart developed in the German market and what do you expect from the coming fair days?

Cost:Bart has developed very positively in Germany throughout the last years and sells well in the areas. Already because we have reacted to the dealers’ requests and their feedback and we can, by now, offer in-between sizes for jeans. For the order period for the upcoming Fall/Winter season we do expects an increase of 80-100%.

How does your distribution network look like on a global scale?

Currently, we are on the market in Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and Austria. In the upcoming years we plan on expanding the distribution network in Europe. We, further, see a clear potential beyond the borders of Europe in the USA and Asia due to the growing demand and the emerging segment.

You offer NOS goods, how can this take the pressure off the retail?

An NOS program offers great security for the retail. For one thing, as a brand, we do take care of the storage and the trade, therewith, needs less space for storage, for another thing, a higher profit can be reached through more sales.

Images: Cost:Bart