If you want to inspire your customers and retain them for the long term, you have to create shopping experiences in your online shop. The ECC Cologne has now examined how a personal online consultation affects the customer experience.

At a time when there are thousands of webshops with partly identical or at least similar products, only those that offer their customers shopping experiences stand out. An important aspect in this context is the customer dialogue. It is often the shops that offer excellent consulting and customer service that are remembered by consumers. How important this point is for the creation of a positive purchase experience, the E-Commerce center (ECC) of the institute for commercial research (IFH) Cologne examined now more exactly.

Guarantee of success Customer Experience

In its study “Customer Experience through Customer Dialogue”, the market research institute surveyed a total of 101 marketing decision-makers from small to large companies. The focus was on whether and which forms of customer service are used in their respective web shops.

Without question, the shopping experience is one of the most important success factors of a shopping shop alongside convenience and assortment. However, the survey results show that the implementation still leaves something to be desired. Instead, the interviewees’ online shops have so far scored points for trustworthiness, authenticity and customer orientation.

Chat bots, live chat & Co.

In order to intensify the shopping experience, a wide variety of service elements are available, including the most elementary: personal customer dialogue. 81 percent of the companies surveyed already offer an online customer service; the majority of them (62 percent) rely on the offer of a callback. A good half also offer their customers the opportunity to chat live with a customer advisor via their own web shop or via social media. The companies surveyed primarily use these service elements for customer retention.

The challenge of online customer service

When introducing a personal online customer service, however, the respondents are confronted with various challenges: 62 percent see the lack of employee capacity as the greatest challenge, while 55 percent believe that a personal online customer service does not bring any added value to the respective company. Nearly half of the respondents said that the introduction was not sensible for cost reasons.

Nevertheless, the majority are sure that an excellent and competent consulting service will become a differentiating feature for online merchants in the future, because this not only promotes the authenticity of a company, but also remains in the minds of consumers.


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Link: Study “Customer Experience through Customer Dialogue” by ECC Cologne

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