At home, at sports or at work – Smart products make life easier in many areas today. Cybex launches a revolutionary e-pushchair: the Cybex e-Priam, so that parents can also enjoy smart comforts. Designed for modern parents, the stroller combines luxurious design and functionality with smart features. This makes a trip with your offspring child’s play.

Alexa plays our music, the Google Assistant makes sure that our blinds open and close automatically and the Cybex e-Priam now supports young parents during a walk with their newborn. From autumn 2019 the pram will be available in selected specialist shops and has an RRP of 1,200.00 – € 2,200.00 – depending on colour and collection.

About stick and stone

The smart support of the can be switched on quite simply via a switch on the rear axle by foot. The sensors integrated in its handle then detect the force used when pushing. Sophisticated algorithms inform the engines mounted on the rear axle when they should intervene in a supportive manner:

  • Smart Hill SupportThanks to Smart Hill Support, parents feel like they’re walking on a flat road instead of climbing a mountain. The speed of the Cybex e-Priam is automatically reduced when going downhill, so that the car doesn’t have to be held back on a slope.
  • Smart Uneven Surface SupportThe function helps parents to push the Cybex e-Priam effortlessly over rough surfaces such as cobblestones, sand, forest and gravel paths or snow-covered roads.

Interview with Johannes Schlammiger, CEO of Cybex

To get a better impression of the new Cybex e-Priam we talked to Johannes Schlammiger, CEO of Cybex.

In which countries will the Cybex e-Priam be available?

Johannes Schlamminger: The Cybex e-Priam will be available worldwide.

Will the Cybex e-Priam – if not charged – also work like a normal pram?

The e-Support can be turned on and off at will. If the battery is not in use, the e-Priam works like a normal pram.

What are the advantages of the Cybex e-Priam over a “normal pram”?

The Cybex e-Priam makes it child’s play to push up and down mountains – even when the pram is packed with all the important things parents need in everyday life, when they go shopping with their children, visit sights or just travel. The innovative pram even helps to overcome difficult surfaces with ease.

Are there any “surfaces” that the pram cannot create?

Whether sand, cobblestone or gravel – there is actually no surface on which the e-Priam cannot help with pushing.

Which target group does the Cybex e-Priam specifically address?

The e-PRIAM is intended for all modern parents who travel a lot with their offspring and want to enjoy smart support.

Are there any other ideas planned at Cybex in the “Smart Products” area? If so, can you tell us anything concrete?

Last year, we took some of our child seats on the road to “Smart Products”. This path will definitely be continued in our Research & Development Centers, which are always working on innovations.

Do you think Smart Products will play an increasingly important role in children’s equipment and mobility?

We are convinced that this is the case and therefore do not just rely on Smart Products with the e-PRIAM. In 2018, for example, we launched Sensorsafe technology, a smart control warning system for some of our child seats. The Sensorsafe Clip is attached to the seat belt system and informs the driver about the child’s safety and well-being via an app. This avoids critical situations for the child.

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