The current Marktplatz-KIX from ECC Cologne and ebay shows that online marketplaces are a suitable way to enter online trading. In addition, they help the stationary trade to attract new buyer groups For the study 232 traders who are active in online marketplaces were surveyed.

The study found that the majority of online marketplace retailers started with stationary sales and later added online sales. A quarter of the respondents started online and stationary sales at the same time.

Importance of online marketplace capacity

According to ECC and ebay, the evaluation shows that retailers can increase their total turnover by selling via online marketplaces. This can often have a significant impact on future business success: 42 percent said they already generate the majority of their sales via online marketplaces. On the other hand, 18 percent said that online marketplaces made it possible to maintain the stationary business.

With 84 percent, the majority of the study participants are convinced that online marketplaces will strengthen stationary business. For example, 37 percent said that online marketplaces are a good opportunity for stationary retailers to enter online trading. 84 percent of retailers believe that new buyer groups can be attracted via an online marketplace. 82 percent agreed with the statement that online marketplaces offer an additional sales channel. More than half confirmed that online marketplaces increase visitor frequency in the stationary business.

At the same time, 77 percent are of the opinion that their visibility on the net is increased by a corresponding presence. On the subject of “digitalization of the city center”, respondents also see a positive development: 65 percent are certain that online marketplaces are driving forward the digitalization of city centers.

Online marketplaces help with international expansion

The clear majority of those surveyed agreed with the statement that online marketplaces offer an advantage over the online shop in an international context. Thus, most of the participants of the Marktplatz-KIX find online marketplaces helpful in the international expansion. 78 percent were of the opinion that online marketplaces facilitate the sale of products in other countries outside Germany. Furthermore, the possibility of selling products internationally would also offer an advantage over having your own online shop. In addition, 67 percent of those surveyed stated that competitive pressure is increasing in online marketplaces as more and more international providers are active there.

Marktplatz-KIX from eBay and ECC Cologne

Since 2015, Marktplatz-KIX from eBay and ECC Cologne has been the mood barometer for economic development among German online marketplace traders. 22 percent of the participants in the current study were managing directors, board members and shareholders. 10 percent were self-employed. Of these, 23 percent came from the leisure and hobby industry and 21 percent from fashion (accessories).



Image: MattiaMarasco / istock