Especially for children in Northern Europe the demand for protective outerwear for autumn and winter is huge. Unfortunately, water-repellent materials are anything but sustainable. The British clothing company Toästie is now launching a special Eco Outerwear collection made from recycled plastic bottles.

Adventure without compromise

“It’s time for the little explorer to conquer the world.” This is the motto of Töastie, a new, environmentally conscious children’s clothing brand. The British label offers high-quality jackets that meet the needs of parents and adventurous children. All items are super light and machine-washable.

An all-round sustainable concept

Töastie’s “Cloud Buffer” is a pack-a-way coat made of ethically sound material. Each garment is thermoregulatory and has reflective details. Lined with cuddly fabric, it folds into a compact pocket. Two-coloured coats fuse turquoise with lilac and black with toffee, making them ideal for everyday school use. As well as exploring the great outdoors. Töastie’s waterproof raincoats are made from recycled plastic bottles. A single Töastie raincoat already consists of 14 recycled plastic bottles. The Packaway buffer jackets are made from sustainably produced down – super light and machine-proof, so that little explorers can venture outside without compromise.

Cooperation with Plastic Tides

Töastie has partnered with the charity Plastic Tides to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans. Available in fisherman-inspired yellow and marine colours, with graphic sea urchins and wallprints, the jackets offer long wear for children from 1 to 10 years of age.

Who is behind the Töastie?

Töastie was founded by two friends who share a common passion for exploring nature. Kirstie Duke and Lucinda Waite met at the university. Lucinda can look back on many years of experience with luxury fashion houses such as Burberry, Abercrombie & Fitch and Superdry. Together, the two want to bring stylish, environmentally friendly and quality outerwear to market that is affordable, lightweight and comfortable, hence the brand name: Töastie.

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