The empwr sweater: iglo + indi is committed to female refugees

The Icelandic children’s fashion brand iglo + indi has presented the empwr sweater in co-operation with the National Committee of “UN Women”. The campaign is seeking to help support female refugees to find their feet again. In addition, it is seeking to create spaces for women in refugee camps.

Currently, 65 million people are fleeing war and poverty, as well as oppression and persecution for political and religious reasons. Women, in particular, are forced to flee from cruel rituals, such as the burning of widows, genital mutilation, and rape. At least 50% of all refugees worldwide are women and girls, according to the UN Refugee Aid Organisation. But running alone is not usually enough to offer a way out. Women and young girls are particularly vulnerable to violence and human trafficking on their way to freedom.

The UN organisation UN Women supports female refugees around the world with refugee camps for women, including in Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Serbia, Macedonia, Jordan, and Iraq. Women and young girls are trained and encouraged in their own self-determination. UN Women also offers women small loans to help start their own business, which helps them to regain their independence.

For the “empwr sweater”, iglo + indi were inspired by a print from Cameroon. The sweater is available in the label’s own stores as well as online at The proceeds from the campaign will benefit the UN organization UN Women and their women’s spaces in refugee camps. The advertising agency PIPAR \ TBWA and the creative network DÓTTIR contributed their work to the campaign, The Icelandic band “East of my Youth” contributed the music for the video.

empwr sweater

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Thank you Luna for your support! Lots of love from iglo+indi and UN Women in Iceland