Efficient lighting can promote sales. This is why today’s retailers rely on coherent and energy-saving lighting concepts that put the goods in the right light and create a pleasant shopping atmosphere. However, the most important sales criterion usually remains poorly illuminated: the customer himself.

When strolling through the fashion shops, you don’t know what to grab first with all the beautifully presented shirts and shorts. In bright and accentuated lighting, everything looks so valuable and attractive that more items are quickly taken into the changing room than originally intended – and unfortunately often remain there. A problem that fashion retailers know only too well.

Changing room as a sales brake

According to a representative study by the innofact research institute on behalf of lighting manufacturer Ansorg, the changing room in fashion stores is indispensable for three quarters of all Germans. At the same time, 72 percent of customers complain that the cabins are inadequately equipped. As a result, almost half of all customers leave the stores without making a purchase. One reason why almost 60 percent of Germans prefer to buy their clothes on the Internet and try them on at home.

For Niklas Reiners, lighting designer at Ansorg, the solution is quite simple. The changing room must act as a safe haven, away from the stress of everyday life and shopping. According to Reiners, the more comfortable he feels, the higher his self-perception in the mirror. “This is crucial for such an important recognition process. And the more positive the customer perceives him- or herself at first glance, the more he or she identifies with the selected goods,” explains the lighting designer.

From the research results, the team of lighting experts derived important criteria for the sales-increasing use of changing rooms and, according to their own statements, developed the “changing room of the future” with the Youzon cabin concept. An important aspect in terms of a feel-good atmosphere is the targeted use of light. Lighting designer Reiners has taken the model of photography. “We were guided by photography because we pursue the same goal. The goal of a good photo is to show people in a snapshot as advantageously as possible, but realistically with all their characteristic strengths”.

Bright neon light was yesterday – soft light for the feel-good factor

For example, indirect light behind the main mirror illustrates fit and material at close range, while indirect lighting via reflectors vividly illustrates planar structures. According to Reiners, a ceiling light gives the changing room a softly flattering but clear basic lighting, whereas the backlighting of the upper body emphasises the contours and makes the hair appear shiny. Moreover, an aura of light opposite the main mirror ensures that the changing room appears wider and shadow-free, which allows the customer to have a positive self-perception. All these lighting elements can be freely combined with each other and, according to the manufacturer, should be able to lift the customer onto his very personal, intimate stage during the fitting.

Energiesparende Beleuchtungskonzepte von Ansorg

In addition, there is another feature in the changing room of the future: customers can select the lighting in the cabin to suit the occasion via touch screens or panels. Whether business, casual, sports or evening wear – at the push of a button all lighting elements can be continuously adjusted and thus the desired outfit can be experienced realistically. According to its own statements, the lighting manufacturer wants to create an important building block for a future retail trade with a high-turnover.

There can be no doubt that in an increasingly fierce competition with online mail order, stationary retailing must increasingly adapt to the needs of the customer. Putting the customer in the right light in one’s changing rooms can be a binding measure.





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Link: www.ansorg.com

Image: Ansog GmbH, Intimissimi, Ridofranz /istock