For more and more parents, design plays an important role in the decision for a product. Awards can be of particular importance for the selection.

Every year, Germans spend more than seven billion euros on outfitting their offspring. You have the agony of choice when it comes to buying. After all, the market is large and the choice is even larger. Over 770,000 strollers were sold in 2016 alone. According to GfK, the proportion of multifunctional strollers without accessories almost doubled in the first half of 2017 in a two-year comparison. Steffen Kahnt, Deputy Managing Director of the German Toy Retailer Association (BVS), reports that the trend goes towards high-quality design models: “For many parents, having children today is a project to which they also want the “Vehicle” to fit. The purchase of a stroller is often a pleasure for the young couple. And those who have found a model in the individual design of their choice will sometimes accept longer waiting times”.

Just like cars: design and high quality are deciding factors

This is a buying behavior similar to that in adult life with cars. Design and high quality are the focus. This is also confirmed by Peter Frank, Senior Consultant at BBE Handelsberatung. In a study he took a close look at the market for baby and children’s outfitting: “The market is divided into two parts: Considerably more money is being spent on “technical” products and willingness to pay has also increased. Clothing and shoes, on the other hand, are more polarized: In addition to the still strong low-price sector, the luxury market has conquered a veritable niche – designer fashion for children was hardly relevant just a few years ago”. A real institution in design issues is the Red Dot Award, which has established itself internationally as one of the most coveted seals of quality for good design. The winners like to use the awards as a marketing tool. For retailers, they can be a sales argument to convince customers when deciding on a product.

The renowned Red Dot Award also awards prizes for design in products for children

This year, more than 6300 innovations applied for a Red Dot Award in the category Product Design. That’s a new record. For those responsible it is clear: design is now more deciding than ever whether products are successful or not. Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of the Red Dot Award: “Good design is defined not only by its appearance, but also by technical innovations and haptic features that, when coordinated, lead to a holistic design of the product”. He and his fellow jurors awarded three strollers and a high chair the highest design award, the Red Dot: Best of the Best. This is a seal of approval that only 1.1 percent of all submissions received. For those honored a special appreciation of their achievements, the seal is often found in the marketing and advertising documents.

Thule convinced with its multifunctional buggy

This also applies to the Swedish manufacturer Thule. His all-terrain and multifunctional Thule Urban Glide 2 stroller convinced the experts. In their explanatory statement they praised as follows: “Inspired by current design trends, the Thule Urban Glide 2 is well thought-out in every detail. It combines formal and technical perfection with a distinct sense for a stylish yet active lifestyle. Highly developed, reliable functionality and careful choice of materials predestine it for city strolls as well as for outdoor sports use. It is easy to handle and can be folded up in just a few seconds.”

The Nuna international jury praises Nuna’s clear use of form

The ease of use, combined with a reduced design and high adaptability to changing family needs was decisive for an award to the Dutch manufacturer Nuna international for its stroller Nuna Demi grow: “This stroller convinces with ingenious functionality and ergonomics. Its clear use of form, in which the elements are perfectly coordinated, is fascinating. The Nuna Demi grow can grow with the family and offers a variety of functional modules. It can be easily converted and operated intuitively with only one hand. Aesthetic materials underline its elegance, large wheels guarantee a safe and pleasant running quality”. In addition, the Swan stroller from Goodbaby Child Products won a Best of the Best-Red Dot. Here the experts were enthusiastic about style and quality. In addition, the 6.3 kilogram car is particularly light, well thought-out and intuitive to operate.

Excellent design also for children’s high chairs

According to experts at Kind + Jugend, the trend in children’s furniture is towards multifunctional solutions with a restrained design. This is shown by the fourth winner of the Red Dot: Best of the Best Awards in the Baby and Child category, the Lemo Chair from Cybex. It can be used from birth to adulthood. The warmest recommendation of the jury: “The design of the Lemo Chair is the perfect reduction to the essential elements. Its puristic simplicity and mature functionality are captivating, everything fits together. With its balanced use of form and materiality, it is inviting for the child and very safe in every situation. It grows with you and can be adapted to changing needs in just a few easy steps. It is space-saving and blends seamlessly into the ambience.” The high chair’s homepage prominently features a reference to the special award with information on the history of design.

Ausgezeichnetes Design bei Kinderwagen und Hochstuhl
Lemon Chair from Cybex


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Image: Cybex, Nuna