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Which fashionable developments will we see in spring/summer 2018? Which social and political influences are influencing future trends? These are the questions addressed by the trend institute, pej gruppen. Since it was founded by Poul Erik Jakobsen in 1975, the institute has been offering trend forecasts with a focus on the Scandinavian market. Luna Journal spoke exclusively with Pernille Kirstine Møller of pej gruppen, a speaker at CIFF KIDS.

What does pej gruppen do?

We help professionals in fashion, interior, packaging, food, retail, and travel to better understand the consumers of the future and the trends that will dictate their behaviour. Our focus is mainly on Scandinavian trends, and Scandinavian design and lifestyle.

 How do you produce your trend prognoses?

Our trend team comprises internal and external trend forecasters. We are always aware of movements in the industry and aware of the mindset of consumers. That is where trends begin. Furthermore, we are always looking at current colours and considering what designers worldwide and in Scandinavia are focussing on. We compare this with the market mindset to produce scenarios about how things will develop in the future. We take safe risks with a Scandinavian design and trend mindset.

Cynics would say: what was there first, the trend institute or the trend? Does the trend exist independently of the trend institutes, or is it a product of the trend institutes?

Trends are pushed by the consumer. No matter what, that is where a trend starts. So, we look at consumers. The companies that buy our products are very clever and are very up front. That means, they don’t just blindly follow us. Rather, they have their own thoughts about different trends. And therefore, trends will never be something that we dictate.

At present, people often hear about food as an influencing factor. What is your view?

Food is a giant influence. We are a trend institute that creates trends for the lifestyle industry. And if there is one thing that has a big influence on the lifestyle choices of consumers, that thing is food.

Which social developments play a role in children’s fashion?

Awareness is the biggest development influencer. Parents have become very good at telling their kids about consciousness and awareness when it comes to fashion production. But, at the same time, idols and celebrities have the biggest influence on fashion for older kids. Kids know more and more about brands. And they are very aware of what signal is sent by a particular brand.

How is the image of the family developing? What is the role of grandparents and the growing number of single parents?

In Denmark, we now have 37 family-types. So this tells you that the traditional family pattern is no more. This is something that we see in Scandinavia too. The dad is becoming a greater influence on the kid. Often, the dad is as closely involved as the mother in the kid’s life. Grandparents are not old when they become grandparents. They often have a busy life and they do not have as much time for their grandchildren, so they buy lots of presents for the kids instead, because they have a guilty conscience.

What tendencies can we expect for the upcoming SS18 season?

Sustainability and honesty in kids’ fashion is still a big influence. Sensory experiences in the fabric. Intelligence and functionality. The playful look is still ongoing, with a rebellious twist.

Which colours will play a role?

Green is still big for SS18. Combined with red. Blue for the active look, light blues in different shades. Light brown.

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Featured Image: Pernille Kirstine Møller of pej gruppen


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