Flexible working hours, company nurseries, and teleworking are paying off for employers. Family-friendly policies bring up to a 40% return on investment for companies.

According to a study by Germany’s Ministry of Family Affairs, employers benefit from less absenteeism and faster return to work, among other things. Federal Minister of Family Affairs Dr. Katarina Barley says: “Being family-friendly and dealing with work-life-balance issues pays off for every employer: employee motivation and their loyalty to the company both grow. I am glad that this is being recognised by more and more employers. They know that many workers today want both: time for family and time for their job.”

The economic benefit of a family-friendly personnel policy is also reflected in an improved choice of personnel, as family-friendly companies are particularly attractive to skilled workers. According to a Forsa survey, reconciling work and family life is a deciding factor for 47% of women. Other proven benefits include greater employee loyalty, more productive and happier employees, a positive corporate image, and the sustainable development of human capital.

There are many possibilities for a family-friendly corporate policy. At the forefront are flexible working hours, which make it easier for parents to reconcile their career with looking after their children. Another component is support for childcare, for example through childcare subsidies, a company nursery, or by providing places in a playschool that works with the company. Other measures that help parents feel supported by their company include the option of emergency care through a childminder or a parent-child office, the offer of childcare during the holidays, or professional support through a care and placement service. Many of these measures are tax-deductible.

The Munich baby carrier specialist Kokadi offers its 24 employees a comprehensive family-friendly package. CEO Ceyda Temur says: “Employees can choose from flexible models that combine work and family life: flexible working hours, individually tailored part-time working models, home office opportunities and, of course, 30 days of holiday. In addition, we regularly hold company events, to which the employee’s closest family are always invited. It’s not for nothing that Kokadi has been certified by the Bertelsmann Stiftung as a family-friendly employer since 2015.”

One important building block are certificates such as the Bertelsmann Stiftung Award or the audit berufundfamilie, which were presented this year by Federal Minister of Family Affairs Katarina Barley. They help ensure that family-friendly policies can be publicly measured and made transparent. The deputy CEO of the Bertelsmann Stiftung Liz Mohn says: “The quality label ‘family-friendly employer’ is intended to make the company’s commitment visible and to motivate other companies to join in.”

: Verleihung der Auszeichnung Familienfreundlicher Arbeitgeber 2017

Kokadi CEO Ceyda Temur explains the benefit of family-friendly policies for her company: “Our corporate culture focuses on the individual. Employees can only achieve their best if they are free to decide their working conditions and who they trust. Of course, this is reflected in the company’s success. The advantages are obvious. In our HR communication, we address exactly this point of family-friendliness and thus attract top qualified employees (including those with family). In addition, our employees are of course multipliers, who share this with a wider public. And satisfied employees are still the best calling card for a company that wants to expand its team in the future!”





Bild: Pixabay, Bertelsmann Stiftung