An optimal presentation is required to arouse customers’ curiosity about a product. These five tips can be implemented on every budget.

In addition to individual consulting and service, product presentation is one of the great strengths of the bricks-and-mortar locations. “The shop floor is the real haptic point of contact for the customer. It has the advantage of being multisensory, that is, it can seduce all the senses to create an authentic atmosphere, “says Thomas Ehrenfried, Chief Innovation Officer of BEHF Corporate Architects.

Retailers should consider these five tips:

1. Overview

A customer-friendly overview is best achieved through product- and theme-related groupings.

2. Dramaturgy

Presenting premium products on elevated platforms or behind glass cabinets signals exclusivity. For goods from the middle-price segment, you should pay attention to a higher supply pressure and to a certain proximity. So-called impulse zones (such as shelves at the checkout) can lead to spontaneous purchases.

3. Product density and presentation height

Build up a certain amount of product pressure, without overwhelming the customer. Depending on the product size, you should usually present your goods on tables at a height of between 80-120 cm and on the wall at a height of between 120-170 cm.

4. Storytelling

Authentic stories and background information arouse the greatest interest in the customer. Moving images or music allow direct emotional access. For example, if you sell sustainable children’s fashion, you can use images to help the customer understand the production process. Suitable decorations, such as cotton branches, create a harmonious atmosphere. The storytelling should be a common thread running through the entire sales area in terms of image, text and decoration.

5. Product lighting

Good lighting is 50% of successful product presentation. Lots of warm light creates a relaxed atmosphere, while cool light accents put the focus on the products.

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