For the third time, Gallery Shoes presents renowned exhibitors in the field of shoes & accessories at the Böhler area in Düsseldorf from 2 – 4 September. Ulrike Kähler, Project Director Gallery & Gallery Shoes revealed what awaits the visitors of the third edition of Gallery Shoes in a conversation with Luna Journal.

What has happened since the first edition? By how much percentage has the number of visitors increased?

Ulrike Kähler, Project Director Gallery & Gallery Shoes: “As a German trade fair, Gallery Shoes has taken on a leading role for the European shoe business in a very short time. This has been very successfully achieved thanks to the trust placed in us by industry and trade. We are now starting firmly established into our edition N° 3 completely booked out with over 500 brands from more than 20 countries and a qualified supporting program. This time we were able to create even more space for international brands as well as a new fashion lifestyle corner with catwalk in the premium area. In addition to the expansion of space, this is possible because we are consistently adhering to the existing concept of a curated trade fair with limited stand sizes in favor of an internationally exciting brand mix. The objective of a focused platform, which at one point in time represents an internationally competent and significant brand portfolio transparently and with short paths, is fully confirmed by visitors from the first edition onwards. We were able to keep the number of visitors stable for the second edition with a slight plus, which fully meets our expectations. We have made a correspondingly positive start into the third edition.

Ulrike Kähler, Project Director Gallery & Gallery Shoes
Ulrike Kähler, Project Director Gallery & Gallery Shoes

To what extent has the brand portfolio expanded?

From agencies, which are already exhibitors, new brands are constantly added. From this edition onwards, we are making additional investments and can make full use of a new hall aisle that has just been completed for even more brand variety. This creates space for further good brands. Marc Cain‘s full commitment to Düsseldorf, for example, through an increased presence at the Gallery Shoes with its own fashion show and stand in the newly created Fashion Lifestyle Corner is representative of a good new trend with a recentering to joint success through mutual bundling of forces at a mutual location.

What is important to you when selecting exhibitors? Which requirements do they have to meet?

We are in the lucky position that only qualified and good brands like to register with us. A good brand image is of course very important to us. As well as a meaningful collection and brand seriosity. This is the only way we can guarantee an internationally competent and significant brand portfolio and offer it to trade visitors, while also maintaining our values such as efficiency, competence and concentration.

What percentage of exhibitors come from Germany? Which other countries are mainly represented at Gallery Shoes?

We have 35% national and 65% international exhibitors. Brands and exhibitors from the following countries will be represented: France, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and Spain.

Which new brands will appear in the September edition of Gallery Shoes in the Kids’ Zone?

New brands in the Kids’ Zone include BV Asmo ID with Go4it or Pepe Shoes.

In which price segment are the individual children’s shoe brands?

The children’s shoe brands in the Kids’ Zone are in the mid- to upper price segment.

What kind of innovations will there be in the area of children’s shoes for the SS 2019 season?

In the children’s shoe area, candy and cookies, confetti and cupcakes await visitors. What sounds like an exuberant birthday party describes the colorful hustle and bustle in the wide world of children’s shoes. One thing is certain: in the spring/summer 2019 season, even the youngest ones can’t go without sneakers. Sandals are sporty, inspired by trekking models. Or as Roman variants with many straps for good support. Flexible soles and lightness are a must.

Whether sporty and casual or romantic and playful – the new styles in summery colors simply put you in a good mood. Particularly soft leathers such as nappa, velour and nubuck – often with an elaborate finish – but also high-tech materials and metallic materials gently wrap around the small feet and go along with every movement.

Mix it! The summer of children’s shoes is becoming imaginative. Natural, handcrafted looks are contrasted with artificial looks influenced by the digital world. Small, original details such as LED lights, neon, flower and comic applications increase the fun factor.

Which trend color is expected for the SS 2019 season in the children’s area?

There will be summery and fresh colors. Also lots of white, but also metallic, floral patterns, pink, green, olive and all shades of blue. The main focus of the materials for the SS2019 season is on the use of soft nubuck, clean nappa leather, high-tech such as mesh, neoprene and also linen and denim.

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