A recent Bitkom survey showed that for almost every second wholesale and retail company, the increased delivery traffic in city centres is a considerable burden. But the high volume of waste also poses a problem.

Due to the increasing turnover growth in online trade, the number of parcels that have to be sent is also increasing. This leads to an increase in the volume of delivery vehicles in city centres. This delivery traffic has now become a real problem for German dealers. This was the result of a new study by the digital association Bitkom among 504 stationary and online wholesalers and retailers in Germany. Thus nearly each second dealer (46 per cent) complains the blocked roads in the German city centers. In addition, 48 percent of retailers see rising costs for transport and logistics as a major financial burden.

Innovative solutions

“Overcoming the so-called last mile is increasingly becoming a challenge, especially in inner cities and densely populated areas. Here we need innovative solutions to reduce both traffic and environmental pollution,” emphasizes Bitkom Managing Director Dr. Bernhard Rohleder in a company press release. “On the one hand, this includes foresighted planning, in which routes can be designed as efficiently as possible with the help of artificial intelligence and big data, and traffic jams can be avoided. On the other hand, the use of electric mobility is recommended not only for commercial vehicles, but also, for example, for freight bicycles.”

Waste volume represents a burden

In order to relieve the inner cities of the high traffic volume, Rohleder suggests the use of parcel drones or robots. In their own interest, retailers and logistics companies are to examine which options they can already integrate into their processes. 48 percent of retail companies see the high volume of waste as an additional burden. “Reducing packaging waste is a must,” says Rohleder. “Smart technologies can also help here, for example by identifying the right carton size before packaging. This not only avoids waste, but also saves space in the delivery vehicle.


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Image: iStock, Bitkom