From 12 to 14 July, the Supreme Kids once again spent three days under the sign of children’s fashion. The children’s fashion fair closes with a positive conclusion. The Supreme Kids opened with the Luna Journal Business Talk, which focused on sustainability.

The Supreme Kids consolidated their position with a constant order behavior. During the three days of the fair, 500 national and international collections were presented to the visitors. In addition, the children’s fashion fair recorded 23 new exhibitors from 13 countries.

“For me, the Supreme Kids has been great so far. Customers stormed in right at my door at the beginning. My products from Salty Skin, Spinach Mafia and Mimi & Lula were also well received by the visitors”, Bettina Ramin, Handelsagentur Bettina Ramin.

Maike Blankenstein, Sales & Marketing Coordinator of Kavat: “We dared the experiment and are represented with Kavat at the Supreme Kids for the first time”. According to Blankenstein, it was still relatively quiet at the start of the fair on Friday. But she was positive about the trade fair weekend: “Especially the small children’s shoe owners are more likely to find time to visit the trade fair on weekends. Let’s see how the next few days will go.”

“We had three great and successful days at Supreme Kids. The feedback on our collections was extremely positive, many trade fair customers were open to new designs and we were able to win numerous new customers. At Supreme Kids, customers have the best possible overview of the children’s fashion industry and that’s why we’ll certainly be on board again next time,” says Sabrina Rebholz, International Sales Manager and Assistant Sales Manager at Bondi Kidswear.

Bernd Heldens, Head of Sales Central Europe at Hust & Claire, also shares this positive conclusion: “At Supreme Kids we met the most important partners from the children’s fashion industry. The number of visitors to our stand was really extremely good. Since 2011 we have been represented at the fair with our sustainable label by Oliver Kühn and his agency for Danish children’s fashion. Our current success is certainly also due to the ever-increasing demand for sustainable clothing”.

“As the leading German trade fair for children’s fashion, we naturally reflect the entire range of companies. Nevertheless, we are delighted that a considerable number of our exhibitors are committed to sustainable standards. We also represent many manufacturers of “Made in Europe collections”, says Aline Müller-Schade, Managing Director of The Supreme Group.

Go green – Luna Journal Business Talk

The sixth Luna Journal Business Talk took place at the start of the Supreme Kids trade fair. On Friday at 1 p.m. the talk guests discussed the topic: “Go green – how can I make my corporate philosophy more sustainable? The talk offered dealers an insight into the advantages of a sustainably managed company. The Luna Journal Business Talk was moderated by Jamie Proske, Managing Editor B2B. Among the guests from the retail industry were Laure Bertrando, Corporate Communications & PR Manager of Lässig GmbH, Laura Grosser, Managing Director of Green Cotton Group Germany GmbH and Maike Blankenstein Sales & Marketing Coordinator of Kavat and Stephanie Essler, representative of The Supreme Group. The Luna Journal Business Talk dealt with questions such as: How important are seals for a sustainable company? How important is transparency when it comes to sustainability? What can companies do to make their supply chains sustainable? How can companies create a balance between economic, ecological and social dimensions?

f.l. Jamie Proske, Managing Editor B2B, Laure Bertrando, Corporate Communications & PR Manager of Lässig GmbH, Laura Grosser, Managing Director of Green Cotton Group Germany GmbH and Maike Blankenstein Sales & Marketing Coordinator of Kavat and Stephanie Essler, Representative of The Supreme Group

“I found the exchange super constructive and the other talk guests very interesting. Super exciting input! It was also great that Luna Journal took up the topic of sustainability once again. Sustainability is on everyone’s lips right now, but in my opinion there is a lack of orientation and sound information. Conventional retailers and brands in particular often don’t know where or how to begin to have a more sustainable effect. All in all, the talk showed very nicely that the topic of sustainability must be viewed holistically and that there are many points of contact. Small steps often lead to a good output! Flexibility also counts, because sustainability must be continuously implemented and optimized,” says Maike Blankenstein, Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Kavat.

Stephanie Essler, representative of The Supreme Group: “It was a pleasure for me to take part in the Luna Business Talk on behalf of The Supreme Group – the format also offers us as trade fair organisers an excellent opportunity to talk to our exhibitors and visitors. The topic of sustainability is currently on everyone’s lips and we are delighted to see that many of our exhibitors already have sustainable production labels, but are also starting to rethink other brands. We are currently considering labelling “green” labels in our exhibitor catalogue as an orientation aid for visitors”.

“It was really very exciting to talk to colleagues from the industry about sustainability. I think we all think very similarly and follow the same approaches, even if we manufacture other products, we all have similar corporate philosophies. We will continue to do everything in our power to develop our products sustainably in order to protect the environment as much as possible. It is very important to us to make our “dirty” industry a bit better and at this point we hope for many more companies that will do the same for us”, Laura Grosser, Managing Director of Green Cotton Group Germany GmbH.

Laure Bertrando, Corporate Communications & PR Manager of Lässig GmbH: “The Luna Business Talk offers an interesting platform to talk about an exciting and varied topic such as sustainability. At Lässig, the idea of sustainability is a matter close to the heart right from the start. An environmentally conscious attitude is part of our company philosophy. Today it is moving massively into the foreground. Talk showed all of us that environmental awareness is at the forefront of our business activities. The fact that other companies have recognized this conscious action is important for the future of our children and this planet. We cannot change the world completely on our own, we can change it together. In many respects, the Business Talk presented an environmentally conscious attitude on the part of the participants, which gives us hope.


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Image: Manfred Huber/Supreme, Luna Journal/ Andrej Dallmann