GoDaddy, the cloud platform for small businesses, is coming to Germany

A significant proportion of Germany’s small businesses still have no online presence. GoDaddy wants to change this. By specialising in small companies, GoDaddy will support this target group in building a successful online presence.


According to Germany’s Federal Statistical Office and the Federal Ministry of Finance, 31% of microenterprises in Germany don’t yet have a website of their own. That’s an estimated 1.8 million small businesses that are not yet online. In addition, more than 500,000 people every year start their own company and need a website.

The international brand GoDaddy is entering the German market with a broad portfolio of cloud-based products and a customer service that specialises in sole traders and small businesses. Patrick Pulvermüller is responsible for the German business in his role as Head of GoDaddy EMEA. He says: “we support small businesses and help them grow. Nowadays, that means being successful online. That’s why we make it easy and affordable for people to build a professional website just using their smartphones. Whether you’re a barista, the coach of the local football team, or a knitting professional, once you’ve made the decision, you can get online on the same day. Our support team continues to accompany our customers on their journey to online success.”

Personal German-speaking customer care

GoDaddy provides localised products and services in over 50 markets, serving customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. In 2017, GoDaddy announced the acquisition of HEG (Host Europe Group), becoming a market leader in Europe as a cloud services provider for small businesses.

As the world’s largest domain administrator (approximately 73 million domains), GoDaddy also offers a broad portfolio of top-level domains (TLDs) and a domain auction platform where users can bid and resell domains. An additional focus is security products such as SSL certificates, which help website owners protect transmission of their customers’ data. GoDaddy offers its range of cloud-based products in German. A selected team of German-speaking customer advisors will look after the needs of small businesses and the self-employed.

Small businesses can reach customers more effectively online

In order to help more companies to create an online presence, the GoDaddy website-building kit has been designed to consistently meet “mobile first” requirements. Even less technically savvy customers can create a fully mobile-optimised website in less than an hour using their smartphone or tablet. Intelligent algorithms and machine learning help to optimise website metrics and identify revenue potential. The product portfolio includes domains, websites, hosting, and productivity tools that enable small businesses to engage, acquire, and communicate more effectively with customers online.

A focus on side gigs

GoDaddy’s mission is to support small entrepreneurs and the self-employed in achieving professional independence. As such, the company will have a particular focus on supporting sidepreneurs in Germany as they make the move to a self-determined professional life. Thanks to the healthy economy, the employment rate is currently at a peak. The individuals setting up their own businesses today are not “emergency founders”, but “opportunity founders”, who are contributing particularly strongly to economic developments. “Sidepreneurship” is not a popular concept in Germany, but it has the potential to act as a catalyst to increase the number of opportunity founders.



Image: Tilman Schenk


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