From next year on, the game publisher Schmidt Spiele from Berlin and the company Hans im Glück from Munich will go their separate ways. Asmodee will exclusively distribute Hans im Glück’s games in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

With only a few lines Schmidt Spiele announces the end of the successful cooperation of many years. It was agreed not to “extend the contracts in order to tread one’s own paths in the future”, which was said in a short message. Schmidt Spiele was responsible for the distribution of the game publisher Hans im Glück from Munich. These included the tile-based game “Carcassonne”, which won the 2001 Game of the Year award and the numerous additions to the basic game.

Asmodee is new distribution partner of Hans im Glück

Hans im Glück, on the other hand, expresses itself in much more detail. “In recent years the company philosophies seemed to be moving further and further apart which is why this step has now been taken”, can be read on the homepage. For one’s modern, captivating and high-quality games an equally modern, committed and dynamic Distribution is needed. Moritz Brunnhofer, Managing Director of Hans im Glück: “We are always looking for something special and want to help drive new developments in the world of games. With Asmodee we now have a distribution partner who has just the same mentality as we do and is just as dynamic as we are. With titles such as T.I.M.E Stories or Pandemic Legacy, Asmodee has shown that it can courageously respond to new ideas and present such extraordinary games just as successfully and bring them to the shops as bestsellers à la Dobble or Ticket to Ride”.

Hans im Glück’s classic Carcassonne becomes digital with Asmodee

Asmodee and Hans im Glück are Partners already and work together abroad, including in France and the USA. The two companies are also breaking new ground digitally: Asmodee Digital releases Carcassonne on various devices, including the Nintendo Switch. Asmodee Managing Director Carol Rapp: “We are delighted to be able to offer Hans im Glück’s games to our customers. The titles that Hans im Glück develops are among the best games on the market. And our way of presenting ourselves at events, in trade and in communication fits in like no other. Together we will make the publisher’s games accessible to an even wider audience.”


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Image: Schmidt Spiele