From 2020 Hasbro wants to ban plastic and other plastics from its packaging for toys and games.

The toy company Hasbro announces the gradual abandonment of plastic in the packaging of new games and toys. The company is starting to reduce the use of plastic in packaging in 2020. By the end of 2022, all packaging for new products should be virtually plastic-free. Last year also saw the launch of a recycling program for the Hasbro toys themselves in cooperation with TerraCycle.

All plastics in the packaging will be banned by the end of 2022

The project includes storage bags, rubber bands, shrink films, packaging windows and blister packs. The goal is to be able to use nearly all plastics in the packaging of new products to eliminate. “Redesigning the packaging for the entire brand portfolio is a challenging and complex task, but we believe it is extremely important. Our team is looking forward to this exciting challenge,” said President and CEO John Frascotti of Hasbro. “We know that our customers share our commitment to environmental protection. We want families to be able to buy our products in the knowledge that packaging will soon be completely plastic-free, as will our products through our toys. recycling program with our partner TerraCycle.”

A smaller ecological footprint

The company has been working for years to reduce its ecological footprint. In the packaging sector, wire ties were replaced by paper cords in 2010. Since 2013, PVC has not been used in packaging; instead, the recycling-friendly PET. Today, more than 90 percent of paper packaging comes from recycled materials or sources with sustainable forestry.

Special recycling program with TerraCycle

However, Hasbro’s commitment to environmental protection is not limited to packaging. The company was also the first in the industry to launch a recycling program together with TerraCycle for the games and the toys themselves. Consumers can send in their no longer usable toys within this framework. TerraCycle ensures that the raw materials are processed from these Hasbro toys. They can then be used again for new products such as park benches or storage containers can be used.

Recycling program grows

The Hasbro Toy Recycling Program was launched last year in the USA and has been launched this year in Germany and France. Only recently, the expansion to include Brazil proclaims. The company plans to offer this recycling program to consumers in all major markets where Hasbro operates.


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