Toy manufacturer Hasbro launched a recycling programme for toys and games in Germany together with TerraCycle on 6 March. In the USA, the recycling program was successfully introduced as early as 2018.

Hasbro is very concerned about environmental protection. Accordingly, together with TerraCycle, the company is committed to the intelligent and sustainable use of resources. The toy recycling program includes the recycling of all Hasbro toys and games, with the exception of battery-powered toys. The basic idea of the recycling initiative is not to burn toys and games, but instead to recycle the materials in order to protect the environment and conserve resources.

“The Hasbro Toy Recycling Program fits in perfectly with our corporate goal of making the world a better place for children and their families,” said Rafaela Hartenstein, Hasbro Director Corporate Affairs Europe.

Participants are committed to the environment

Anyone who registers via can participate in the free recycling program.

The sorted out toys and games can be handed in to public collection points or sent in free of charge. TerraCycle then takes care of the dismantling of the products, taking care to separate the various materials such as plastics, metals, fibres and others. These are then brought back to a raw material-like state. The manufacturers can then use the recycled materials, for example, for the production of storage containers and park benches.

Participants in the program are not only committed to the environment, but are also rewarded with TerraCycle points, which are donated to charities, schools and kindergartens.

Hasbro wants to reduce its environmental footprint

“The programme is another important milestone in Hasbro’s consistent sustainability course,” said Hartenstein. Hasbro has been working for years to reduce its ecological footprint.

In the USA, the toy manufacturer is already climate-neutral and has also achieved an energy share of 99 percent from renewable energies in all global production sites. In 2010, Hasbro switched from wire ties to paper cords for packaging. Three years later, the use of PVC in packaging was abandoned and replaced by recycling-friendly PET. The company has now succeeded in ensuring that 90 percent of Hasbro paper packaging comes from recycled material or sources with sustainable forestry. Hasbro has been using plant-based bio-PET in its product packaging since 2019. With the new recycling program, the company wants to take another important step towards environmentally friendly products and assume more responsibility for the environment.


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Link: Hasbro launches sustainability initiative with partner TerraCycle.

Image: Hasbro