Shopping via smartphone is becoming more and more popular. Nearly 30 percent of online sales are currently generated by cell phone purchases. According to the HDE online monitor, this figure has risen by ten percentage points within two years.

For online shops, this means that if they want to remain attractive to customers, they must be smartphone-optimized. There are still major gaps here at the moment. Many online shoppers complain in the HDE online monitor that web shop visits with a smartphone are currently less attractive than with a PC. Above all, the user-friendliness and the assortment leave much to be desired when shopping via cell phone. This is fatal for retailers, because buying via smartphone is the future. The importance of this mobile device is increasing all the time. One in three consumers uses his smartphone every hour. For another third, the smartphone has almost completely replaced the PC or laptop in the private sector.

HDE online monitor forecasts online sales of 53.6 billion euros

Another result of the study: The online market continues to grow and there is still no saturation limit foreseeable. The turnover in the German online trade is estimated at 53.6 billion euros for this year. That would be 9.7 percent more than in the previous year. The main growth drivers are older customers. The 60plus generation’s share of online trading grew by more than 44 percent last year. The total number of online shoppers rose by seven percent and the number of online orders increased by 17 percent. The toy sector is particularly dynamic: Online makes up a great amount of industry sales here. The growth rate is estimated at around twelve percent.

Stationary retailing is catching up in terms of networking

These figures should not frighten the stationary trade. On the contrary. Since the HDE online monitor shows: Stationary trade is catching up. At the moment, it is still benefiting less than average from online growth. Nevertheless, over-the-counter retailing online has grown faster than online retailers with online DNA. Above all, the Amazon Marketplace is the reason for the increasing online turnover of stationary retailers. The specialist trade is also following suit: According to the HDE report, offline shopping is becoming more and more important for stronger mobile networking. This is important because more than one in ten buyers (more than 22 percent of smart consumers) searches for information online before making a stationary purchase. Consumers use their smartphones for this purpose.

Voice control as next trend?

For the experts of the trade association it is clear: The rapid market penetration of smartphones will also have a considerable influence on future online purchasing behavior. Merchants should create the best possible conditions here. A next trend is already emerging here: speech recognition. Experts see new possibilities for online trading through voice control.


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