Hermes is currently investing several million euros in a new, fully digital route planning system. The goal: Shorter delivery time windows for customers and optimized route planning for carriers.

Many Hermes carriers are currently receiving new equipment. Over 11,000 extra large smartphones from Huawei will be distributed to all carriers in Germany from the beginning of May until the end of October. The company is thus introducing a new, fully digital route planning system. The aim is to make the delivery process even more precise, efficient and customer-friendly. The new route planning is based on the “NUNAV Courier” software from the start-up Graphmasters based in Hanover. The program is coupled with various tour dates such as delivery time windows or the opening hours of a parcel shop. Data such as the drivers’ working and break times or the type of vehicle used are also included in the calculation. Through the combination of the data, the system determines the optimal driving sequence and adjusts it if necessary during the tour in real time. The system is to be ready for use nationwide in time for Christmas business.

Hermes wants to increase tour productivity

Project Manager Markus Haller, Head of Network Optimization & Design at Hermes Germany, explains the advantages: “The new route planning software is a quantum leap for our last mile. We increase precision and reduce the error rate, while at the same time facilitating the training of new carriers and promoting driver loyalty. In addition, our carriers can react even better to current and emerging traffic situations, even if they are on the road outside their regular area. In the medium term, we expect the new software to increase tour productivity while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions”. The first customers will benefit from the improved services during the summer months. The new software allows a much more accurate delivery forecast. For this reason, a streamlining of the delivery time window to 20 to 30 minutes is being planned throughout Germany.

All customer steps should be digitized

The new route planning software is one of several modules with which Hermes wants to digitize and improve the entire Customer Journey at Hermes. The Company, for instance, plans to replace the paper notification card with a digital counterpart in the medium term. Hernes has already completed the conversion of the current 15,000 parcel shops to a new generation of scanners.


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Image: Hermes