The 10th Hong Kong Baby Products Fair (HKBPF) ended on 10 January 2019. Almost 21,800 buyers visited the fair. More than 610 exhibitors from 29 countries presented their products.

“We recorded an increase in visitor numbers from a number of countries for the International Toy, Baby Product and Stationery Fair. These include developed markets such as Australia, Germany and the United States. But also emerging markets such as Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Poland and Vietnam. The number of Chinese buyers on the mainland recorded double-digit growth,” says Benjamin Chau, Deputy Executive Director of the Honk Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). Chau continues: “The HKTDC will continue to be an international trading and exchange platform for industry experts to create more business opportunities for all.”

HKBPF presented new areas, seminars and conferences

The latest edition of the Baby Products Fair featured the Baby Tech Zone and the newly introduced Maternity Zone.
During the fairs, several thematic seminars and a conference were held to facilitate the industry exchange. These included “The Hong Kong Toys Industry Conference 2019”, “Smart Tech & DIY Toys – What’s New”, “Toy Safety & Regulations Updates”, “Toys Compliance, Testing & Certification”, “Insight into the Upcoming Stationery Trends” and “Digital Marketing: Innovation Key to Success.”

New Exhibition Online platform launched

To encourage suppliers to take advantage of online to offline (O2O) advertising opportunities, the HKTDC has expanded the procurement function of its exhibition websites by launching the year-round Exhibition Online platform. The platform not only provides trade show updates and the latest industry sourcing information, but also allows suppliers to stay in touch with global buyers after trade shows, while buyers can easily source industry-specific products from dedicated trade show websites.

HKBPF: Exhibitors and buyers satisfied

“This is our debut at the HKTDC to find distributors in other markets and expand our worldwide distribution. We have received serious enquiries from many buyers. These include customers from Thailand, the Philippines, Korea, Indonesia and Singapore. We are ready to work with them to distribute our products in their markets. We are very impressed with the show. It is very beneficial for our expansion. We would like to come back next year to maintain our presence and introduce more new products”, praises Giuliano Di Napoli, CEO of Austide International Trade Pty Ltd.

“This is my second visit to the HKTDC. There is an amazing mix of products on offer. I have already found more than ten potential suppliers. They offer many good items such as baby carriages for newborns, bathtubs, car seats, milk shakers, bottle sterilizers and pillows. We will have further discussions with them to close the deal. I will definitely place orders to expand our offer. This is an excellent show that attracts various buyers from around the world to explore the business relationships here. I am very satisfied with what I have found here”, sums up Tatjana Butskaya, Manager of Lapsi.

These are the product highlights of the fair:

  • Fetus Camera M1 from Marvoto Technology (Hong Kong) Limited

The world’s first fetus camera. It enables expectant mothers to take pictures of their unborn child anytime and anywhere. They can be edited and sent with an app.

  • Cullami by CamII Mondo Del Bambino Spa

A multifunctional cradle from Italy.

  • i-Breathe® Head N’ Back™ Sleep Positioner from Taime Pte Ltd

A sleeping mat on which the baby can sleep on its back or sideways. It should prevent sudden infant death and a flat back of the head.

  • Sobble Premium Cushion Bathtub by Lee Saem International

The world’s first soft cushion bathtub.

  • Clean-B6 Portable UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer from OptoLED Co., Ltd.

A portable UV baby bottle sterilizer for infants with weak immunity. It is sterilized by a UV LED semiconductor chip, not by a UV lamp, and is therefore particularly environmentally friendly.

  • Baby bath Wash by Austide International Trade Pty Limited

Australian natural cosmetics series for babies without additives, fragrances and artificial colours.

  • Baby bottle and soother Set by Twistshake of Sweden AB

The baby bottle contains a powder container and a mixing net that dissolves lumps. According to the manufacturer, the system prevents baby colic and ensures an even flow. A fruit mixer installed in the bottle allows the baby to shake and mix fruit with water to obtain additional nutrients.

  • Lantern ReVOLUTION 2.0 by World Fantasy Development Ltd.

Digital night light with music and Cry Detector. The device starts automatically when the baby starts crying.

  • bibi® Happiness natural silicone teats from Lamprecht Ltd.

Teat, which is based on the mother’s breast.

  • 0/3 Baby chiropractic foam double-sided spring mattress from CST Corporation Limited (Hong Kong)

The mattress has two sides with different degrees of hardness. One side is for newborns up to 10kg and the other side for older babies over 10kg. A chiropractic foam layer provides support for the baby’s waist and back.


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