New looks for digital shops: e-KIX, the IFH Cologne’s index of economic trends in e-commerce, is currently showing that small and medium-sized online retailers are planning to completely rework their shops in the coming six months. The main focus will be on improving the product presentation, visually and in terms of the content. In addition to the use of animated images, the reworking will mainly involve 360-degree views, which are still relatively rare.

According to the IFH, retailers desire more professional support from service providers and from manufacturers in this regard. Of the online retailers surveyed, 85% currently provide detailed product descriptions. Providing photographs of the article from different perspectives is standard for 69% of the e-KIX participants. However, 3D views, 360-degree views, product videos, demonstration videos, and customer ratings are all still comparatively rare.

“Although most of the online retailers surveyed see their product presentation as a differentiation criterion, there is often still room for improvement. Small and medium-sized enterprises should not refrain from presenting their offer as vividly and as attractively as possible. Depending on the product range, for example, videos are excellent and are also appreciated by online shoppers”, says Oliver Brimmers, Senior Project Manager at ECC Cologne.

Image: unsplash / Jens Kreuter