When it comes to checkout, most of the 100 largest German e-commerce websites still seem to have some catching up to do. In a recent analysis, the payment platform Stripe has found errors in payment on 98 websites, 92.7 percent of them with three or more errors. This damages the companies’ own business.

The average cancellation rate in the checkout of online shops is 39 percent. There are many reasons for this, one of them – the credit card sector – was carefully examined by Stripe. In December 2017 and January 2018, the company tested the 100 most important German retail websites for twelve errors when paying by credit card. There was an average of 4.69 errors in each online shop per checkout – in an e-commerce shop, the testers even found an average of nine. One of the most common shortcomings was that there was no real-time recognition of invalid credit card numbers. In addition, on 74 percent of the websites it was not possible to manually enter the expiration date of a credit card. Usually there was only a drop-down menu which slows down the input and makes it more difficult. In 47 percent of the websites tested, it was even possible to enter a credit card expiration date that lies in the past.

American online shops are more customer-friendly than German stores

According to the analysis, Germany lags far behind the USA in international comparison. While in Germany, almost 93 percent of web shops have three or more errors in the payment process, this figure is only 72 percent in the USA. The good thing about it is that many of these errors can be corrected easily, making shopping more convenient for customers and speeding up the purchase process. Felix Huber, North European Head of Stripe: “Much sales potential on the Internet is lost due to small, but in total serious errors in the payment process. For 2018, any online company should undertake to resolve these issues in order to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience. In this way, higher sales and faster growth can be achieved.”

Positive: A check-out takes 3.2 steps on average

With so much darkness, the testers also found light: on almost all sides, the checkout flow is automatically adapted for mobile devices owing to the responsive design. And apart from that, the purchasing process also appears to be generally consumer-friendly: In 2017, a study conducted by ibi research at the University of Regensburg awarded the online shops many plus points for 150 online purchases: For example, over two-thirds of retailers offer a guest checkout which enables customers to make purchases without creating a customer account. 91 percent of merchants also allow the buyer to create a customer account during the purchase process. On average, a check-out took 3.2 steps. Some fashion retailers are particularly fast, on average only two clicks are required for the checkout. The most common payment methods offered during checkout are credit card, PayPal and prepayment.


Link: www.ibi.de

Image: Pixabay