Background music, “I’m Coming Home”, causes a wave of complaints. The US company Procter & Gamble is facing a wave of indignation concerning an advert for its nappy brand Pampers.

Many traumatised parents have complained about the clip, which shows premature babies and features the song “I’m Coming Home” by Chanele McGuinness. They have criticized the company because many premature babies do not in fact come home. Procter & Gamble has reacted with a new version.

The advert is promoting the smallest available size of Pampers nappy. For the filmed material, the advert-makers accompanied nine families from Southampton General Hospital’s Neonatal Unit. The British Advertising Standards Authority has instructed the company to change the soundtrack. Many parents have found the music offensive and painful because it is premature babies, in particular, who often do not survive and therefore do not come home.

On Facebook groups for mothers, many women have expressed their anger at the advert. “I was shocked by this advert. I could not take my prematurely born daughter home with me because she died,” wrote one affected mother. Another traumatized mother wrote: “My daughter was born at 26 weeks and died six weeks later, which was incredibly painful, so please remember all the parents who suffer every day from the loss of their babies. Life will never be the same for these parents.”

The “Pampers Preemie Protection Size P3” is the smallest nappy size produced so far. It is three sizes smaller than the smallest model currently available. The company is now planning to donate three million of these nappies to neonatal units. After numerous complaints, Procter & Gamble has agreed to use a different song for the advert.

Images: Dakota Corbin / unsplash