Experience, relaxation, and a varied shopping outing – that’s what customers expect when they stroll through bricks-and-mortar stores. Many manufacturers have reacted to this and, with the right shop-in-shop concepts, are offering attractive visitor magnets for specialist markets.

In Frechen, Philips Avent is betting on impressive dimensions in the Baby market: its shop-in-shop solution measures 70 square metres, making it the largest in the world. The shop shelf contains the entire product range. The shop is visually highlighted by a ten-metre-long coloured back wall. The shop is rounded out by a cosy sitting area for the parents, a colourful wall with cute animal motifs, and an extra room for breastfeeding. Marcella Vermeij, Marketing Manager Philips Avent, explains the concept: “With a holistic POS activation, we offer our customers a unique shopping experience. This includes the largest Philips Avent shelf worldwide, a promotion area with large murals, and a ‘from customer to customer’ corner where parents can exchange views. We also offer breastfeeding mothers a nicely decorated space, to which they can retreat with their baby.”

The advantages of this solution: in the brand’s shop, the customer can find the manufacturer’s products compactly presented on a surface that stands out from the rest of the sales area thanks to its product carriers, shelves, and design. With this presentation, both the brand and the specialist store can benefit from each other. Jochen Pohle, head of family at EK/servicegroup eG, discusses the advantages of his company’s HappyBaby concept: “What is particularly important in a shop-in-shop solution is that footfall increases throughout the entire store. We have increased footfall by around 10% with the installation of a HappyBaby area in a department store. Of course, this is interesting for all sectors and increases the location’s overall turnover.” The HappyBaby areas have been installed as shop-in-shop solutions at around 20 locations – primarily furniture stores, which want to use this product range to appeal to young families, but other retailers include classic housewares or toys.

If a specialist store offers several of these shop-in-shop concepts under one roof – for example in department stores, furniture stores, or baby specialty stores – the customer can stroll through individual worlds of goods, or shop specifically at the brand they trust. The shop-in-shop system guarantees a high recognition value, so that the customer can quickly find their way around. The concept is mainly known for fashion brands: zero has around 300 shop-in-stores throughout Germany, Cecil has 1030 corner concessions and shop-in-stores, and Marc Cain has 291 shop-in-stores internationally. This strategy has also been successfully implemented in the children’s clothing industry. There are over 200 shop-in-shops from the Kids Fashion Group. In the summer of 2016, Hess Natur introduced “Sweet Home”, a flexible trading concept in which baby clothes are presented in a stylised wooden house.

In order for such a shop-in-shop concept to have the optimum effect on the customer, there must be a perfect interaction between the manufacturer, specialist market, and other partners involved, such as designers, interior designers, and craftspeople. First of all, you have to decide on the right concept – a question that depends on the location, clientele, and local conditions. Then the right space must be found and the presentation must be designed so that the buyers are addressed in the best possible way. HappyBaby recommends a minimum size of 250 square meters for its space concept, and then adapts the appearance individually to the size and needs of the retailers and the location. The Hamburg designers Breil + Creative Partners lent a high recognition value to the appearance of the new Kanz shop-in-shop. The defining elements are the puzzle pieces, which symbolise the connection between parents and children. Philips Avent has produced an attractive promotion area in the entrance and checkout area of ​​the Baby store in Frechen. A chandelier in the middle of the shop draws attention to new developments: It points to the “Innovation Table”, where the latest products and applications are presented. Customers can also try a selection of products on site.

It is important to support the partner. At HappyBaby, the retailer gets everything from a single source, says André Babenhauserheide, sales manager family of EK/servicegroup eG: “From planning to furnishing, marketing, and after-sales service, it starts with a site analysis and goes right through to advertising the grand opening. We create an investment plan for the goods, shop fittings, lighting, and graphics in order to set a fixed financial framework from the start. That continues with planning the design of the chosen area, as well as planning the range, which is particularly welcomed by industry newcomers. We arrange order rounds with industrial partners, negotiate opening conditions, and order the goods to precisely fit the shop area. At the same time, we support the shop-fitting and shelf layouts. When the spaces are finished, we assist in displaying the goods and training the staff. In addition to the bricks-and-mortar measures, we coordinate all omnichannel activities with our trading partners, since we want to accompany our consumers in a targeted manner on their customer journey. Our trained sales team regularly visit our HappyBaby dealers to stay in close mutual contact.”

With its new point-of-sale concept, Recaro Child Safety offers retailers a comprehensive, flexible range of support for their specialist store – from presentation stands to a complete shop-in-shop concept. For its launch in the Baby store in Frechen, Philips Avent organised free give-aways, presented products, and actively engaged in public relations. This is how the launch becomes a success. Marcella Vermeij, Marketing Manager Philips Avent, says: “After more than a year, we can say that our concept works perfectly.”

Nowadays, the Shop-in-Shop solution is also available online. This spring, for example, Weltbild integrated the Ravensburger product range into its online shop as a shop-in-shop offer. Under the Ravensburger logo, the new shop-in-shop offers the publisher’s book and toy range. Customers can search specifically within the Ravensburger shop, while still remaining under the umbrella of the Weltbild online shop. “Weltbild is driving the expansion of its online shop as a marketplace for cooperation partners,” says Weltbild Managing Director Angela Schünemann.








Image: Philips Avent