At the 34th International Cotton Conference in Bremen (21 – 23 March), the non-profit marketing organization Cotton USA presented its new initiative “What’s new in Cotton”. The innovation program, which was first presented six months ago, is based on the cooperation with other companies in the textile industry in order to develop innovative solutions for a new quality level of cotton in the USA.

The conference focused on sustainable cotton and textile production, traceability and innovative textile processes. 450 cotton experts from all over the world travelled to the International Cotton Conference.

New opportunities for innovative cotton products

Bruce Atherley, Executive Director of Cotton USA, was one of the speakers. In addition to providing information on CCI’s new initiative, Atherley discussed new opportunities for innovative cotton products in the expert forum. He also gave insights into new technologies for textiles made of cotton and cotton-blended fabrics and presented innovative ideas that can be implemented with cotton from the USA.

“CCI demonstrates premium value and innovative strength through the high quality of US cotton, its sustainability and transparency,” explained Bruce Atherley, Executive Director of the CCI.

Cotton USA in cooperation with technology partners

Existing CCI cooperation partners such as Argaman Technologies from Israel have developed a process to make cotton more skin-friendly before the spinning process by adding copper components to the fiber and also support the regeneration of skin cells. This process is suitable for bed linen, underwear and the cosmetics industry, for example.

Together with the company Hologenix LLC, California, CCI develops a cotton blend fabric from the patented Celliant fiber. Celliant can use and reflect the body’s own heat. This results in increased blood circulation, faster recovery after physical activity and a more restful sleep. The blended fabric is particularly suitable for sportswear. It is also used for socks, nightwear and bed linen.

Another partner of CCI is Life Material Technologies Ltd. from Thailand. Its core competence is the further development of natural antibacterial finishes for cotton fabrics and products. Natural Life Technology uses peppermint oil as an antibacterial agent. The oil binds odours and prevents the growth of bacteria in a natural way. In addition, peppermint oil does not lead to odour in the end product.

Glimpse into the future

According to Bruce Atherley, Cotton USA is working with various technology partners to develop further innovations to provide cotton products with economic and financial benefits and thus open up new market opportunities for producers and brands


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