The French label for children’s fashion launches its first skincare line. LE BÉBE JACADI has been developed in collaboration with a laboratory for biomimetic skincare. The series mainly consists of purely natural active ingredients.

Cleansing milk, cleansing gel, cleansing water and a caring oil do not contain any undesirable components. They are free of parabens, contain no dyes, no mineral oil, sulfate-free, no D.E.A.2 or T.E.A.3. On top, they also contain ingredients which are pure and comparable to the baby skin: colloidal oat flakes, aloe vera, thermal water, physiological serum (comparable to the salt content of the skin – against dehydration) and vitamin E and B5.

Marie Salamagne is responsible for the development of the fragrance of the care series, who already had a formative influence on several renowned fragrances. “The smell is the earliest of our five senses: it develops very early, during pregnancy, and creates the first connection between the mother and the baby. Seeing without the mother, the scent of her skin is sufficient to soothe the baby… Smells that they know and experience from their very first days on will instinctively soothe them.

Titelbild: Jacadi