Goodbaby International Holding Ltd. has appointed Jeffrey Popper as the new CEO of the Rollplay brand. Effective immediately, his responsibilities will include the strategic orientation and positioning of the manufacturer of e-vehicles for children worldwide.

The manufacturer of electrically powered licensed vehicles and own developments for children from two to twelve years. Rollplay is part of the Goodbaby International Group and sells its products in over forty countries. Jeffrey Popper has many years of management experience, including as Vice President of Global Marketing & Strategy at Hasbro, Inc. in the USA. In his position at Hasbro, he was responsible for well-known international franchise products such as Transformers, My Little Pony, Nerf and Play-Doh for more than fourteen years. His extensive experience and industry contacts will have a significant impact on Rollplay’s strategic direction and business development.

“I am delighted that we have engaged Jeffrey Popper as our new Rollplay CEO. His expertise in the toy industry will drive the Rollplay brand forward and strengthen our position in the international market,” said Martin Pos, CEO of Goodbaby International.

Positioning in the European market

Rollplay plans to expand the brand on the North American market as well as on the European market:

“The European market has many regulatory requirements for toys – especially in the area of electric children’s vehicles. In addition, all parents, regardless of their origin, are concerned about the safety of their children. That’s why our vehicles are put through their paces in our testing institutes. Safety and driving pleasure are top priorities at Rollplay. Apart from that, the children are very similar in both markets. The most striking differences are in individual tastes and preferences”, Jeffrey Popper, CEO of Rollplay.

Licenses at Rollplay

“With the battery-powered vehicle “Dragon Mini Quad” to the universal film series “Drachenzähmen leicht gemacht” Rollplay has created a new product category this spring. Furthermore, we have been working together with the largest automobile manufacturers for 20 years and inspire parents and children with our licensed vehicles. This always gives us new food for thought. With my experience in the entertainment industry, we will continue to look for exciting new cooperations. But only if we see added value for the end consumer,” says Jeffrey Popper.


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Link: Jeffrey Popper takes over the position as CEO for Rollplay.

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