Whether online or print: job advertisements are still the means of choice when looking for new employees. The online portal meinestadt.de and the traditional company Steiff reveal details to Luna Journal.

There are currently more than 765000 vacancies. This is a new record and almost double in comparison to the amount ten years ago. When companies want to fill new positions, they are often exposed to competition for skilled workers. Therefore, it is important to position yourself correctly with the job advertisement. Hilmar Lang, Head of the Personnel Service Center at Margarete Steiff GmbH also underlines this: “Our job advertisements are a flagship for our company and must stand out as “eye-catchers” from other advertisements. It is important to us that the design of the advertisement draws the attention of the applicants to our traditional and well-known brand and additionally underlines the associated attributes such as high quality and longevity of the products”.

Job advertisements need mobile optimization

The meinestadt.de online portal brings together regional job offers and job seekers on its site – above all skilled workers with vocational training. The company has concrete advice for employers. Thus, in times of Smartphone and the like, mobile job search should especially be possible. Nine out of ten respondents stated in the current mobile recruiting study by meinestadt.de that they search for jobs on employment websites. Many of them use their smartphones. Job applicants would also like to be able to apply directly via their mobile phone. Currently, every second candidate bails out if job advertisements and career sites are not adapted to mobile devices. Digitalization means speed. This also applies to the application process. Already today, two thirds of applicants expect a response within a week as to whether they will take it one step further.

Steiff banks on its own online portal – coupled with Xing and LinkedIn

Steiff has long since taken the step towards digitalization. At the end of the job advertisement “we offer the applicant a direct route to our applicant portal using a shortened link or a QR code”, says Hilmar Lang. On this online platform, applicants enter their data in just a few steps, as well as information such as their computer skills, cancelation period or earliest date of employment. If they have a Xing or LinkedIn profile, they can fill out the online application form even faster. Steiff promises that it only takes about five minutes to complete and send the application. Thus the enterprise already lives what the professional experts demand of meinestadt.de: Companies should focus on simpler and faster application procedures. In this way, the detailed cover letter, which is often perceived as costly, can be replaced by a lean short application. A concise questionnaire helps to coordinate the most important requirements.

The ideal job advertisement is friendly and clearly structured

And what should the ideal job advertisement look like now? Hilmar Lang, Head of the Personnel Service Center of Margarete Steiff GmbH, explains that the company relies on clear structuring. This enables applicants to orientate themselves quickly: “We attach importance to our job advertisements being appealing and friendly. A nice picture at the beginning breaks the ice and provides emotional closeness. The professional frame is taken up again by the integration of our logo. After a short description of Margarete Steiff GmbH follows the naming of the start date, as well as an exact job description and a list of the tasks to be performed. We then provide an overview of the desired personal profile of a suitable candidate. Here, too, we rely on a clearly structured, concise and clear list of the most important criteria”.



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Link: www.meinestadt.de

Image: pixabay