The founder of Joyhair, Afshin Pesaran, and his team lovingly handcrafted high-quality hair accessories for girls. Funny shapes, cheerful colours and special materials characterise the unique accessories. Twice a year the assortment is extended by further unique pieces. Pesaran talked to Luna Journal about his recently launched online shop, his love for hair jewellery and the path he has taken since his foundation.

Mr. Pesaran, seven years after the company was founded, your own online shop went online. How would you describe the way there? What did you focus on with your own website?

Afshin Pesaran, founder of Joyhair: Since the company was founded, I initially limited myself to B2B business and worked successfully with a number of specialist shops. I continue to attach great importance to this cooperation. I am particularly pleased when the Joyhair products are shown to advantage in the stores through the presentation displays I provide and customers can perceive them directly “offline”.

However, Joyhair has been shown not to be offered in this way in a number of regions and cities. For this reason alone, there are a large number of end customers whom I would like to reach directly via the B2C online shop. Especially this year we have received calls and e-mails that customers want certain Joyhair products back, but don’t know where to order them.

In addition, many specialty stores already have their own online shop in line with customer expectations. Similar to them, Joyhair also attaches great importance to stationary retail and online sales. It is important to me that B2B and online sales bring Joyhair products closer to the end customer. This increases the brand awareness and has a positive effect on both the results of the trade and those of the direct online sales.

To what extent do online marketplaces support small business sales? What experience have you had with this?

Online marketplaces can facilitate and accelerate market access for small businesses. The Internet has made our world very small. To ensure a good reach, you should be present on online marketplaces. In the beginning, I didn’t want it to be true until I had to learn it from my online customers. My tip for other companies: Always watch out online and see what advantages there might be for you.

What do you advise small businesses to do to survive in the market?

Develop your own and don’t give up!

When I founded my company, I often found that many people who wanted to work with me made empty promises. Unfortunately, the companies often did not keep to these promises or at least did not deliver “on time”. From this I learned that I should listen to my feelings and take everything into my own hands. For this reason I visited the shops personally at the beginning to represent Joyhair.

A special experience I had with a customer was that he told me: “You are very brave to want to start with such a small product in today’s market”. He hadn’t even looked at my product properly and hadn’t taken Joyhair into his assortment at the time. After three years he saw me again at the Kind + Jugend fair in Cologne. He said: “I would never have thought that!” Then he took a closer look at the Joyhair products and added them to his range.

Nowadays every small businessman who wants to start should have the stamina to establish himself on the market.

To what extent do you stand out from your competitors?

Others have to assess that. The decisive factors for us are high quality and exceptional product design.

How important is the uniqueness of your hair accessories to you?

That’s exactly what Joyhair is all about. Joyhair products (bows, figures, animals) were unique seven years ago. Our Joyhair Basic bows, for example, are still trendy today.

Which sources of inspiration influence the design of your products?

I am grateful that I have been able to gather experience and take suggestions in various countries. As soon as I leave the house, my environment inspires me, but also when I am on the Internet. I like to look at other people’s heads. I also like to browse fashion magazines. With many things I consider whether I could use them as hair ornaments. Since I have always wanted to wear unique fashion and fragrances myself, I attach great importance to offering my customers something special and lovingly made. Because I know that we have a small product and it is often copied, I decided to launch something new every six months if possible.

Uniqueness is Pesaran´s recipe for success

Joyhair takes an important step with its online shop. What trends do you see for the next season?

There are no limits to the fantasy of different Joyhair variations. Many more colours and pastel shades will come, as well as certain shapes. In the future you can even change the tutu in different colours. It will be very summery and sweet. I don’t want to reveal more details yet. Let Joyhair surprise you.


Current products from the Joyhair assortment:


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